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Mamas & papas infant carrier?!


Does anyone out there have the new Prima Viaggio infant carrier from M&P's?! We took delivery of our Pliko travel system the other day and have just tried the car seat in our MkIV golf. I am amazed at how much room it takes up! So far as to OH can't sit in the seat in the front seat where we have the baby seat behind. We have to move the front seat almost all the way forward to fit the baby seat in behind!
Ok if it is just me and baby in the car but it is not going to be comfortable for us to go out as a family! Thankfully for us we have a second car which is bigger than the golf, but it is not ideal. Has anyone else come across this issue?!

Unfortunately the front passenger airbag cannot be turned off in our model of Golf so putting her in the front is not an option either!

Just wondered how many other puzzled and frustrated new mum's and dad's there are out there! image

If anyone has this car seat and a sensible car that it fits in easily I would love to know what car you have.....maybe it is time to change our beloved Golf?! image

Thanks for all your comments!


  • hiya becki... :\) did you not try it beforehand? We have a piccasso so don't have a problem with space as it's huge inside! lol x
  • I detest my M&P car seat, it is big and bulky and so heavy to carry. I did try it in the car and we have the isofix base it fits ok in my punto i find if you push the seat right back it jams the seat in and it feels more secure although it's a bugger to get out as the handle is soooo stiff and trying to move it from the safety bar to upright is really difficult. so no it's not just you
  • Hi SuzieJayne/Wenders...

    Thanks for your comments.....! I'm hoping we will just get used to it!

    We didn't have the option to try it in the car before hand because the shop we bought it from was in a big shopping mall and they wouldn't let us take it out of the store before we'd bought it! Also they where not allowed to take anything out of the store for insurance purposes!

    Did you buy a specific isofix base? I wasn't aware that the M&P's one was Isofix?! Or do you mean the standard base which i think they call SureFix.....! Not to sure about the name! image

    I guess i feel a little clumsy with it all at the moment anyway....sure I will soon settle in to carrying our new little one around in it! It doesn't help trying to get it in and out of the car when you still have a big bump! Hee hee! Only 4 weeks to go!

    I too find the seat itself very heavy.....i think I will have some cracking arm muscles within a few months!

    Anyway....thanks again for your comments.....keep em coming!
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