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Hi Ladies,

Just owndered if any of your newborns were awake alot? MAx is 15 dyas old, and is awake loads, most babies (Ipresumed) after a feed would go to sleep, MAx comes alive, looking around etc, which at 2-4 o'clock this morning is a bit tiring!! image then during the day he is awake alot too, taking the world in. Wanted a bit of reassurance as I thought babies needed lots of sleep. He does seem to yawn alot, but will not drop off.

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  • Generally, a newborn should be having a 1-2hr nap in every 3 hours period (and spend the remainder feeding, burping, changing, activity). My son was never a great sleeper in the daytime though, but he would at night time (when we finally got him off to sleep!!) When he would go down in the day it wasnt for very long, certainly never 2 hrs (more like 20-30 mins!!)

    Max sounds very alert image He is only 15 days old so there is plenty of time for him to settle yet. I used to always follow the 3 yawn rule and the long stare into space. When that happened it was straight down on the 2nd yawn. I found if I missed this timing I had a much harder time getting my son off to sleep (they can become overtired very quickly if you miss that window!)

  • hi there. I am no expert as DD is 8 weeks 4 days and my first, but she will vary wildly from day to day. From what you say, it's great that your bubs is so alert, however he may also at times be overtired and when they get overtired they find it hard to drop off by themselves, you may find that if you try and put him down at the first sign of yawns etc he will nap thru the day a bit more, and ironically I have found that the days when DD has three good naps during the day, she sleeps better in the night too and doesn't ask to play between 430 and 830am lol image
    It was when I read Baby Whisperer that I started to think maybe the days she was awake all day and then really overalert at nighttime that maybe she wasn't getting put to sleep early enough? On the other hand, if it's not a problem for you, then don't worry about it! xxx
  • Hi, thank you for your replies, I should really know as MAx is my 2nd DS! but easy to forget sleep routines etc... I completely agree he is over tired, so will definately try the 3 yawn tip! image and hopefully he will be more settled, especially at night.... thanks for the tips x x xx x
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