when did your lo first sleep through?

My 7 week old is still waking three times in the night for feeds image (he's bottle fed)
It's not as if he's not getting enough milk in the day, usually be 2.30pmish he's had 20oz - 220z.Totalling about 30oz over 24hours. But he is on the easy digest milk because he holds on to his wind and gets colicky.

Has anyone tried Coleive? If so did it make any difference? I was thinking about changing his milk to the normal cow and gate, and trying Coleive in the bottles.

..... Also I just wondered when your lo's first slept through or cut down to just one feed in the night.

Thanks x


  • I'm afraid it took my little one a year to sleep through the night!!! But I was breast feeding and he did have reflux so he had an excuse!!!
    I hope you get some sleep soon xxx
  • wade is nearly 5months and still wakes for one feed but i think its out of habbit now cause he never finishes it he just falls back to sleep after about 3oz.
  • justin was 3 before he slept through
    maya was the day she was born

    charlie is 7 weeks and still wakes at 10pm 2am and 6am
  • Jacks 9 weeks and he still is having 4-5oz every 3-4 hours. So he's still having 2 feeds over night.

    Coleif is meant to be brilliant from what I've heard. Dr Brown bottles are good also, there desgined to help prevent colic and wind. I think there about 9 pound for 2 bottles image

    Kelsie went from 8-7 with a feed at 3 from 4 months old. And completly through 7-6.30 from about 6 months. She's an angel overnight, unlike her brother!!

  • millie slept through a few times around 8 weeksish but most the time woke for 1 bottle. she had a growth spurt around 12 weeks and kept waking 2-3 times in the night and drinking alot of milk! now shes gona back to either sleeping through or waking once shes now 16 weeks xx
  • one bottle from 7 weeks and slept thru from about 10 weeks! but that is quite good, alot of babies take alot longer, at this age their routine changes alot, so you could introduce a bedtime routine of bath, bottle bed and when he wakes up just try settling him or if he persists, give him a small amount of bottle in the dark and don't talk to him, he will soon start to realise its not worth the effort, this is how i got mine to sleep thru, he has slept thru the night since-he's now 1.
    good luck


  • 1 bottle from birth during the night, and shes slept thru from 6wks- has her last feed at 10pm then sleeps thru till 10am, i think having a routine def helps otherwise she would be all over the place. xx
  • Louise still wakes for at least 2 feeds, she's 5 1/2 months and is breastfed. Babies only have little tummys so it's very natural for them to wake during the night hungry!
  • Try not to ask babe as every baby is different and i found it used to get me down listening about other babies that slept through. At 7 weeks your baby is still small and it has a lot to do with weight of baby too. My baby is 10 months old and is up constantly throughout the night not for food but for every other reason. I have excepted it now she is an individual and not a text book baby. Good luck with the colic it does pass at about 14 weeks xx
  • 3 weeks for 1 feed (and that wasn't till 5am), 7 weeks slept through 12 hours! We never did anything special...

    Now he is nearly 8 months and has good and bad phases, sometimes he is up for a bottle (not often though) between 11 and 3 if he hasnt eaten much in the day. But this is really rare. Then other times he is up cos of teething, wanting to play, or...well just a cuddle! He usually goes back quickly, I'd say 60% of the time he sleeps thru so I guess im lucky really xx
  • Holly was bf until she was 5 months and if Im entirely honest with you she has just turned 1 and only JUST started sleeping through!!! Every baby is different though.
  • my boy slept throu when he was about 4 half months old. apparently to get them of night feeds for example do more water in the bottle than food eg 5oz of water 3 scoops of powder then try them just only on water in the night then they wont wake for a feed. worked for us.
  • jayden 7 months and still wakes twice now! he did only wake once but thats gone out the window now have no idea why coz nothings changed!,

    its so tiring!! i really thought he would be sleeping hrought at 3 months... little did i know lol
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