7-8 month check?

Hi I was just wondering I have recently moved house and at my old doctors they said Isabelle would have a 7.5 month check, I moved before this.

I went to my new docs to the baby clinic and I asked about checks ect. They said they only do them at 12 months old?

Is this right? Does it depend on the area?

Any help appreciated?



  • Hi,

    if its a health visitor check then these were done about 8 months to check babies development e/g are they sitting unaided, weight bearing and crawling but with the new hv structure they arent a mandatory assessment anymore (at least in scotland anyway but would asuume england follow simailr public health structure) and so doesnt get done everywhere although most hvs i know (im a hv staff nurse so its usually me) will visit and have a general check in with the mums as its a good point to identify any problems e.g with weaning and catch up with mums who dont go to baby clinics etc...

    not sure why a gp would suggest one unless that particular surgery like to check on the babies development at that point? i tend to see babies about 9-10 months so im sure a year is fine if thats what they decide to do,...next official assessment from hvs would be at 2 and often thats 2 late for lots of problems that are already in existence...

  • Well I dont have a HV so Dylan wont get a check. I take him to baby clinic to get weighed but they dont record i've been bar on his graph so anything could be wrong and it wouldn't get picked up.

    I know its bad in our area though I know 2 2 1/2 year olds who haven't had their 8 month check let alone their 2 year one!
  • Lizzie is 7 months next week and i have a letter thought to say her check will be the week after that (10th august) so yes in dorcset we still get 8 month checks x
  • we are on the isle of wight and had our 7-9 month check up when lo was 8 months old

    thebelle, isnt there any way of speaking to a health visitor??
  • Yeah il ring the docs and ask, Ive only just moved here and haven't got the HV number,

    Thanks for the replies ladies image
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