Daktacort. Has anyone else been prescribed this for their lo

Took Darcy to docs with bad nappy rash on Wednesday after trying all the diff creams on the market and nothing working. He said she had a fungal infection and prescibed Daktacort. When I read the instructions it says not to use on a babies nappy area unless told to do so. I was a bit uncertain but as doc had prescribed it thought it would be ok. Well used it 3 times yesterday as told and har rash is much worse, bright red! It looks really sore but luckily she is not complaining about it and it doesn't seem to be bothering her. On advice of NHS direct last night we stopped using the cream. They told us to take her to the docs today. The docs is closed cos of the snow. I rang up drop in centre at hospital and they said they couldn't see her as there are only nurses there and they are not allowed to "override" the docs that have prescribed something! We have to wait til out of hours service opens tonight at 6.30pm!

I was wondering if anyone else had been prescribed this for lo and what effect it had?


  • never heard of it sorry but have you tried egg white for nappy rash, sounds daft i know but old remiedes are usually the best. When our little girl had really bad nappy rash this is what we were told to do by nurse and it sorted her out really quickly. Also hard i know but keep nappy off as much as possible let the air get to the rash.
  • Funny you mentioned egg white, my friends mum said the same thing this morning! I had not heard of that one before! Not sure it will work now as it is infected but I will give anything a go! Have got her nappy off at the moment and covered everywhere with towels! Thanks for the advice x
  • I have been prescribed it for my little girl. I have used it twice, both times she got bad rash with new teeth. She is 1. Used it when she was about 8 mths and then about 10.
    You have to keep it in the fridge. It did really work, just put it on really thin.
  • Hi

    We used daktacort too with no probs but maybe your lo may be snsitive to the ingrediants - we nearly tried the egg but was glad didn't as later found out lo has severe egg allergy!
  • I was told by my mum to use mayo, which is probably a take on the egg whites thing...

    Have you tried metanium? I had never used it before some one on here suggested it and it is awesome.

    Also perhaps putting a bit of salt and/ or lavender in her bath water should help sooth and disinfect.


    oh and in answer to your actual question, yes my daughter was prescribed daktacort and she reacted badly to it, so we stopped using it as well.

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  • Hiya, I was once prescribed this for myself (obviously not for nappy rash tho!!) and it's really good - you just have to use it really sparingly as its very strong, otherwise my GP warned me you can get a reaction to it which might be what Darcy's had xx
  • metanium is really really good, it's bright yellow and stains but really good for extra bad nappy rash, never heard of that other cream, how's your lo this morning?
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