I hate my pram!

Pointless post but when i was pregnant i moaned n moaned 4 the pram i fell in love with (babystyle lux 3 in 1 aero white) n my oh kept tellin me we should get a travel system! Anyway, eventually he gave in n let me have my pram! It cost a fortune, just under ??500 n now i hate it with a passion, the frame is 2 heavy n doesnt fit in the boot properly, its so hard 2 steer, if i go out in car lo has 2 stay in car seat (which clips on the frame) as carry cot part doesnt fit in car! Got a pushchair attachment 2 so it will last til she's 3! She's only 6 weeks now n i'm fed up of it, cant tell my oh coz i whinged so much 2 get it lol! Thanks 4 listenin girls, goin 2 sooth my bruised shins now (i always bash them tryin 2 put that stupid pram in car) x


  • i really wanted the silver cross 3d but it was too expensive. it was my dream pram though. so i have to admit im so pleased to see your post about how crap it is. i know it doesnt help you and im genuinely sorry that you have found it so bad. especially when they cost so much to start with. we have ordered the atlan travel system from mothercare. it was 130 complete. its pretty basic but im hoping it does the job.
  • Berly u will prob find urs so much better than ours! Mine doesnt even fit through doors! Why would they make it bigger than a door frame? Idiots lol! X
  • I've just replacd my siver crosss 3d with a maclaren pushchair. Louise is only 6 months so it only got 6 months use!

    Katie - try and pursuade you oh to let you get one now.....in the sales....lol
  • my mum decided shed get my pram i asked for my dream pram it was a laydown cram and white one when she turned up with the pram i felt so disappointed when it wasnt the one i got but when i see how my cousin is struggerling with hers as she got the one i wonted im glad my mum went for the 3 in one now x x x
  • my mum decided shed get my pram i asked for my dream pram it was a laydown cram and white one when she turned up with the pram i felt so disappointed when it wasnt the one i got but when i see how my cousin is struggerling with hers as she got the one i wonted im glad my mum went for the 3 in one now x x x
  • God me too !!!! You may grow to like it in buggy mode ????
    In-laws bought our travel system (Mamas & papas) and I have never put the carseat on the frame, material got covered in fluff and showed every mark, my Mum says it looks plastic and it doesn't fold easily.
    Now I've also had Archie I got a cheapo carseat because the M&P was sooooo heavy and have bought a double buggy for the boys. Can't wait to chuck it !!
  • I'm sneaking in from the Pregnancy/due March forums, and wanted to thank you all for your posts! I have been struggling with prams. We are borrowing one from a friend (M&P ultima travel system) but have been wondering if we should buy our own. Based on all your posts, I actually feel better about borrowing one initially...I'm hoping it will give me an idea as to what works for me and what doesn't, before we spend lots on one (my friend is now pregnant and will need it back when our baby is 6 months).
  • ally-e - it is nice to have your dream pram / pushchair, but borrowing is a good option if you are a bit strapped for cash (as new moms usually are LOL). ANd remember you could get a really decent pushchair / buggy to use from 6 months when you have to give your friends her back.

    At first my must have pram was the Silvercross sleepover in the antique cream. Wanted this as it would have saved on the cost of a moses basket and frame as it all came in one package. Hunted for somewhere where I live so I could go look at one before I 'insisted' on having that one. Saw it and hated it immediately. So I just got the mothercare catalogue and picked 1 from there. I ended up with the urban detour quantum travel system.
  • I wish I could say I have fallen in love, post purchase, with any of our pushchairs except the very cheapest one. I have this one as just a quick in and out of the shops, and on the bus type pushchair and is is the best I have had so far.


    I bought mine from kiddicare for just ??14.99 including postage. It handles well, my girls all seem to give it better reviews comfort wise than the phil and ted, and while it look really cheap it's so sturdy. It folds easily, and is so much easier stored than most bulky pushchairs. And it's light enough I can carry a wriggly toddler on to the bus in one arm and have my shopping and the pushchair in another arm with out struggle.

    We have the phil and teds which certainly serves it's purpose but I could list things that drive me crazy too. We had the mothercare tandem and that was a nightmare. We did have a nice graco one which I really liked but it broke within the first three months.

  • It has to be said i love mine but i new i would as i had the older model for maya, when she was little i had two the a graco travel system which i used every day and the CHICCO WINTER LONDON STROLLER that i kept in the car for when we were out with the car as it took up less space and i really hate the small umbarella buggies so will be getting the same one again for the car for charlie in a few months if they still do them x
  • Hi no wot u all mean wen I had my 1st my mum got my dream buggy d bugaboo cameleon n I couldn wait 2 put my baby in it 1ce she was born. Didn't really get on d bus for d 1st 4mon n she was in d pram n got driven everytim I wen far. But 1ce I had it in the pushchair mode n startd goin everywher on d bus n tube it becam a nite mare n had a punctured tyre 1ce so got fed up n saved up enuf n got d maclaren techno xt as I was pregnant n needed sumthin much lighter

    Then 1ce I had my 2nd baby had 2 get a twin buggy n had 2 struggle wit cash n bought d phil n teds vibe n I went so mad as I wasunsatisfied wit it bri has outgrown d toddler seat as her legs dangle so wingd until their dad got me the icandy pear n am ok wit it but its stil a nitemare gettin on d bus n 4got 2 mention I got d quinny buzz as a baby shower gift from my mother-in-law n a quinny zapp from my sis also as a baby shower gift but couldn use it much as it has only 1 seatin position n doesn recline at al so had 2 buy d maclaren techno xt as bri was only 13mons.
    I'v got al dis buggies in my garage n always say i'l put them on ebay but hav neva gotten round to doin it, wish I had known a lot more bout dis buggies n al d cash wil hav cum in handy now I hav 2 mouths 2 feed. N gav my friend d quinny buzz as a baby shower gift wen bri was 6wks
  • We have the silvercross Linear and generally have been happy but I just couldnt shake a dissapointed feeling when using it. It is much too big and the shopping basket is much too small!!! I feel like I should love pushing it but just dont.
    However...Have just replacedit with the Bruin stroller which feels like heaven to push. No complaints so far other than the shoppping basket is still a bit small, very light to push though and feels tiny compared to the silvercross. I wish I'd brought it months ago.

  • We got a silvercross 3d, i loved it when it was a carrycot. though it was hard to put in the car after my section cos it was quite heavy but it only lasted as a carrycot for about 8 weeks then it had to be made into a pushchair and i hate it now! i replaced it with a maclaren techno xlr and i LOVE IT!! it has high handles for oh (6 foot 2) its light, easy to manouver (SP) lovely colour (brown and blue) its just a dream to use.
    i would def recommend this one. wouldnt of bought it from birth as i like baby to be enclosed in a proper carrycot but it does lie completely flat so would be suitable.
  • This has proved to me that travel systems dont have to be expensive to be good!
    I have the Graco Mirage which was ??119 (including car seat) and I LOVE it, it's awesome.
    It doesn't have a pram mode and doesn't face me but Gabe's always been very comfy in it since newborn and still falls asleep in it straight away.
    There is a play tray that clips on and off very easily, it is a dream to fold up and down, it fits in our teeny ford fiesta boot easily, the seat pad is simple to take off and wash, same with the car seat cover.
    It has a big shopping basket and pushes like a DREAM.
    It may not be as stylish as the more expensive prams but it was worth every penny. The only downside to me is that it only has 2 seat positions - sitting upright, and lying flat. This is fine for Gabe now (8.5 months) as he either sits up or lies down for sleep but when he was 4 months or so I could've done with a semi-reclined position.
    BUY ONE. lol. Also the car seat (Autobaby 2) is very good and when I crashed the car Gabe stayed asleep and it didnt budge. xxxx
  • I bought a Silver Cross 3D. I still like it but a Mamas & Papas store has opened near us and I keep going in and looking at all their lovely pushchairs. They just look so well made. There's one called a Skate which I really like but is about ??500, although it is in sale though now for just over ??300. Still too expensive though - oh would go mad if I bought it. We have a Silver Cross Fizz stroller but is only worth using in the summer!
    One of my sister's friends is on her 3rd or 4th pushchair and her lo still only 16 months!
  • ally_e - thats great that you can borrow one. By 6 months you'll be able to buy a nice lightweight one - some are from 3 months.

    The trouble is that the travel systems seem to be a great buy at the time. My pil paid for ours and at the time we thought it would be great to get them to pay for something we'd get tons of use out of. But they're so big and heavy!!!! The silver cross 3D was quite light compared to others and I liked thefact that it locked automatically when you close it - but it's rarely done it that easily!!
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