Those who do mix of BLW and purees..

I'm confused! I hear a lot of people on here say they do a mix of BLW and purees, but surely this is the same as traditional weaning then? With traditional weaning (purees) you also offer finger foods. I've read the BLW book (but decided to do traditional weaning) and I'm sure the jist of it is not to spoon feed at all. Do you let your babies feed themselves the purees?

Hope this doesn't come across as criticism - just genuinely interested what is meant by mixing the two. :\)

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  • normal sppon weaning doesn't intorduce finger foods until 7+ months... i did a mix of puree and blw, where basically from 23 weeks (when we started weaning) what i ever i was giving him puree'd he'd also have (where possible) as a finger food along side, and let him play about and learn with that but in order to actually get some food in him (especially as we'd had problems with his milk and needed something to actually get into and stay in his tummy) i would then feed him some puree, so yes it is how u describe traditonal weaning, but every 'traditional' weaning guides i've come across don't start finger foods until at least 7 months, some later at 9months, and also traditional weaning they get the majority of their food from puree, where as mixing the two its usually works to be about 50/50

    hth xx
  • Thanks for reply - didn't realise that. Sam's had finger foods with every meal since 6 months - didn't realise that was early.
  • But just to add, Gill Rapley makes it quite clear in her book that BLW is only suitable if you're weaning your baby from 6 months, and is fairly anti weaning early. That's partly why I didn't do it - I felt that Sam was ready at 5.5 months. Don't want to be argumentative but in my opinion giving purees at all means it isn't baby led weaning, not in the true sense.

    The book is an interesting read but I do wonder how many people who do BLW have actually read it and understood the philosophy behind it. As you say WoWBaby, it's a lot to do with exploring food and playing, not just offering finger food! :\)
  • I read the book and was really taken with the idea. Tess has always been BF on demand and it seemed a natural follow on from this. However at around 23 weeks she seemed ready to eat - stole my toast one morning and wouldn't give it back and also wrestled with me over a piece of pizza sat on my lap in Pizza Express; we compromised and she got a bit of garlic bread crust! Anyway I decided that because of the 6 month 'rule' with BLW and also as I wasn't sure it would sit with returning to work, I would have to do purees, so a freezer full of puree soon appeared and we got down to it. Cue problem - she won't eat off a spoon :roll: So instead of puree, we gave her finger food. She's had finger food for every meal since then, eating with us at the table and eating whatever we are having - well, since 6 months she has, before that it was mainly fruit and veg. Anyway as she's eats what we eat with us and is still having full BFs I consider us to be BLWing. In terms of purees we have a freezer full that I'm not throwing out and she gets them on loaded spoons that she eats really well off (still won't take one from us - independence, got to love it!) We've also bought some Greek yoghurt to mix them into as she loves fromage frais and yoghurt.
    So, yes we're BLWing and also giving her purees and I do think it works and I don't think that because she's having purees that necessarily means we've missed the point in the book.
    Having said that I also don't think that weaning necessarily means you have to choose one way or the other - whatever works for you as a family.

  • Having said that I also don't think that weaning necessarily means you have to choose one way or the other - whatever works for you as a family.

    Completely agree.

    The main reason I did this post was in response to one of my NCT friends comments today, rather than anyone on here. She has gone down the puree route but "will probably do BLW later" and I've noticed other people referring to finger food as BLW, which to me shows a lack of understanding about the philosophy of BLW.

    I respect anyone who has made informed choices about how to feed their child - I really hope my posts didn't sound too critical!
  • I know what you mean.

    I did read the book and really agreed with the philosophy behind it. Was very keen to try it with Ben (maybe becasue I was also a breastfeeder on demand - is there a link between these and BLWers?)

    Unfortunately Ben didn't really meet me half way! He wasn't really interested, so I got a bit desperate and made up some purees and spoon fed him which he LOVED! He couldn't get enough. I started offering finger foods at 7 months ish and he ate them happily aongside his mashed up food.

    I would say that I have weaned him traditionally all be it with a wide range of finger foods etc but my NCT friends see him with finger foods and say it is BLW. I think they just assume finger foods = BLW.
    Anyway he is nearly 10 months now and interested in everything so I am happy that the choice he made (rather than me!) all worked out happily. Long may it continueimage x
  • coco25- like you im doing the more traditional weaning. I give Lizzie purees and i also offer her some finger foods, bits of banana, rusks (OMG yes i give her usks and yes she is under 6 months,lol) bit of potatoe she can pick up from plate and put in mouth. I also give Lizzie a spoon when she has purees and she can dip it in and put it in her mouth but it would be bedtime if i let her do her whole lunch! My friend said this was BLW and like you i disagreed.
    I also think its entiely upto the individual fami;ly to how they wean and imo so much has changed even in the space of 5 years since having my dd1!
    The only thing I dont get (and please dont shot me down, i juist dont understand) is how one min you teach a child to eat with their fingers to them teach them not to eat with their hands and that they must use cutlery?!
  • hi again coco! lol! i do both! well yeh, finger foods really. for example, for breakfast phoebe has spoon fed porridge, then i do her some toast fingers to hold and eat while i eat mine! image
  • In my opion you cant do purees along side BLW!

    LO always has a purre but will always have toast, rice cake carrot sticks etc... etc.... with every meal, i would class this more as finger food than BLW?

    If a LO is spoon feeding themselves puree then i would class that as BLW. xxx
  • I read the BLW book and it really made sense to me so decided we would do it, but lo is not quite 5 months and i'm not sure how much longer we can hold out, if she is sitting on my lap when I have any food she is really grabing for it, I had to practically fight her for my choc ice the other day. :lol: I know that she doesn't 'need' food yet as she is ebf and is thriving but i think that she would def like it.
  • We have done BLW in the true sense but she will take yogurts etc off a spoon if I'm trying to keep her clean but she prefers to 'drink' them herself and ellas pouches she feeds herself straight from the pouch.

    I didnt want her to not undertsand cutlery but she hates it anyway so spoons really are a waste of time, her face literally drops at the sight of it.

    Also felt from BFing on demand to BLW was a natural progression, I did read the book and love all the theory behind it, she has led me as Gill says she should image and wouldnt take the puree I tried to offer by spoon and only likes to feed herself what she wants from what I give her.

    It was more my anxiety (and pressure from family and society) offering puree then her needing or wanting it.

  • I started off doing BLW in the pure sense, as LO hated a spoon. However, as he became more accepting of it I use the spoon more and more because I wanted him to eat meat, fish etc which he could not really do with his fingers at 6-7 month. Though now he will eat mince with his fingers, picking up the little bits! So I'm not a BLWer any more I suppose.

    It works really well for us, and makes me more relaxed knowing he's getting something but also exploring different things for himself.

    The book is really good and I think everyone should read, however they decided to feed their baby.

    K xx
  • Hi coco this is what my DS has and hes competley fine tbh and doesnt seem to have any issues holding food to his mouth or gulping a spoon lol. I decided just to go with the flow with him and he is in the kitchen with me whilst I cook dinner and if I see him eyeing up a carrot...I give him a carrot. But he has his purees and I spoon feed them.

    What I would say is that traditional weaning was started at around 4 months when hand eye coordination isnt so good which is why it is introduced later on in weaning when it gets better, but by this time, the baby is so used to spoons it takes them longer to transition (imo this isnt something ive read) but I give ds a little organix rice cake in between meals and he takes it and puts it right to his mouth no messing!!! But Ive always gave him fingers foods so I didnt imagine combining the two would be an issue ifswim?
    Did ANY of that make sense? lol x

    Oh hows LOs nappies coming along? xxx
  • Except in the first weeks when he was under 6mths (he is almost 7mo now) Ive never done purees. He didnt really go for them either. So I introduced BLW and give him a variety of foods to choose from at a meal so he eats what he wants (steamed veg, fruit toast, fruit pieces, fish fingers, etc). Things like custard or yoghurt are given to him with a spoon, or where various flavours are mixed up together as mush (e.g. chicken, avocado, cheese, potato) - which he spoons in himself unless he cracks up and wants you to do it for him. He can be lazy when he wants to when it comes to feeding, which stems back from bf so if he wants a spoon instead of using his hands then I go with what he wants, which is afterall BLW. Plus Im happy for him to learn the hand-eye co-ordination with the spoon at a time when he feels ready to do so.
    I agree that in the traditional weaning sense, "finger foods" arent given until much later when it is a progression from purees to more solid foods.
  • I admit I was one of those that said I was BLW when LO refused spoon for about 6 weeks however it wasnt really BLW in the true sense obviously.....he was just teething haha

    Essentially surely we all become BLW'ed haha I like to think I am mummy lead weaned.....on that note I am off to grab a biccie with my coffee....

  • Emilia is fed puree but she does feed herself, or at least tries!!! After 6 months I will give her finger food ie toast, veg, fruit. Although I wouldn't call that BLW in the book sense.

    But isnt all weaning baby led?

    joanna x

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