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I love being a mummy most when..........

Ok I thought we could have a lovely happy post for a Monday image so how about we all share our favourite things about being a mummy. So....

I love it when I go away for 3 days come back and he says his first words of mama

I love it first thing in a morning when he starts to call for me and I go in, the noise stops and is replaced by the biggest cutest grin

I love it watching him change and develop everyday into a happy smiley very funny boy

I love that he chases me when I leave the room, crawls up to me pulls himself up so he can give me a hug

I love that he makes me happier than I ever thought possible just by smiling

There are millions more but that will do for now :lol:


  • This is lovely!

    I love it when you walk into a room and his face lights up like your the best thing in the world and knowing that this little person loves you more then anything in the world

  • Aww this is nice...

    I love it when he snuggles against me when we are reading a story together.

    I love waking up and seeing his beaming smile and hearing mumumumum...

    I love when I pick him up from nursery and he squeals with excitement and crawls as fast as he can, puts his arms up for a cuddle.

    I love that he is such a smiley, happy boy who is a joy to be with.

    I love that he learns something new everyday and is so pleased with himself when he does something for the first time..

    I just LOVE my boy...

  • Great thread xx

    I get a kiss and a hug every morning with a huge grin.

    I watch Olivia dancing to music and clapping when her favourite programme comes on.
  • i love the huge gummy grin i get every time she sees me image
  • There asleep :lol: (im joking! lol)

    When my dd (22 months) says "uvvv you mama" (love you) and gives me a huge smile, kiss and cuddle.. i could just cry!

    When ds (6 weeks) smiles and coos for his big sister, its too cute and she gets so excited!

  • Lush thread!

    ...when I can turn cries into chuckles

    ...when he opens his eyes, looks worried, turns his head to find me, smiles, then closes his eyes and drifts back to sleep

    ...when he chats in the middle of the night...even though I'm shattered I have to laugh!

    ...when he falls asleep with a smile on his face in my arms

    ...when I'm woken up by his little hand on my face and a gummy grin

    Oh so many things to love!
  • when im feeding my lo and his eyes roll with pleasure i just feel so close to him,

    when the first thing my ds1 asks when he wakes up is where id ds2 and runs to see him and they give each other big smiles as they love eachother

    when its 5am and ds2 still looks so cute as he gives me his best smiles

    good post xx
  • I love it when:

    either of my boys laughs - they never fail to make me smile.

    DS1 holds DS2s hand everytime we go for a walk in the twin buggy.

    DS2 watches everything DS1 is doing & then gives him a big grin or laughs at him.

    DS1 shares his toys with DS2 & how he seems to have worked out (at the grand old age of 2) that some toys aren't suitable for 16 week olds so keeps them away.

    DS2 cries & DS1 brings over his favourite teddy to cheer him up.

  • I love it when..

    I go to settle dd when she has been crying and she instantly calms down and gives me big cuddles and smiles.

    When she grabs my cheeks (or ears) and plants a huge open mouthed kiss on my lips! image

    being her favourite person image

    when she falls asleep on my knee x
  • I love it when my little boy (5 weeks) stares at me when I'm feeding him.
    I love it when he's gurgling away in his moses basket when he should be asleep.
    I love it when he falls asleep on my chest and lies there so intently for ages.

    I love being a mummy - Full stop! xxx
  • I love it when Adam...

    ...falls asleep with his mouth w-i-d-e open, he looks so relaxed!

    ...sings songs while I'm changing his nappy (he sounds exactly like Gismo from The Gremlins!)

    ...does massive belly laughs when I sing to him.

    ...nuzzles into my shoulder when he's tired.

    ...concentrates really, really, really hard on doing a poo!

  • love it when dd1 (5 years) comes out with the most intelligent things and always comes and jumps on us every morning!

    when dd2 (7 months) gives me a "it wasn't me" look after i watch her pull everything off the coffee table!

    love it when they are playing on the floor together and when dd1 wants dd2 to lie in her bed so they can cuddle before bed x
  • I love being a mummy when dd smiles at me and melts my heart. There are so many things i love about being a mummy but i am on my phone so will have to answer properly at the weekend x great thread btw x
  • ..when ds (16months) first wakes up and u go in to get him and he's just beaming.

    ...when any form of music comes on and he starts having a boogie, he's now even taking to coming over and pulling my hand to get me to join him lol.

    ...when jsut before u put him down for nap or bedtime, without even asking for it, he lays his head on my shoulder and gives me the longest hug ever (he's stalling time really, but he does it in the cutest way)

    ...i love it when he's supposed to be going to sleep but all u can hear through the monitor is him giggling and saying 'ooh yeh' and singing to himself lol.

    ...when he comes over to sit on my lap just for a random cuddle and/or kiss

    ....from morning til night, i just love being his mummy! xx
  • When LO wakes up and stretches his legs totally straight with locked knees and they look like a couple of cumberland sausages, SSOOOO cute!!!!!!!!
  • when she smiles & flaps her arms with excitement when she sees me. x
  • lol at the cumberland sausage legs - it describes tobys perfectly

    I just love everything about him - all of the above but today we were lying on a picnic rug outside both on our backs and i lifted my legs in the air and waggled them and Toby copied me.

    When we were on the beach this afternoon Toby was on a pony ride and i was singing "horsey horsey odnt you stop" and Toby belly laughed all the way round

    I just love being a mummy so much - everything second is so special - and i never thought it possible to love something quite so much - my son amazes me daily and i love him more than the world x
  • Great thread!

    I love it when I snuggle into lo, and he gives me the cutest giggles.

    When he is crying in his cot, he notices me and starts smiling and thrashing his arms and legs around.

    I love it when I am driving, and I can see LO in the front smiling at his big brother sat in the back of the car

    Could go on for ages! Love being a mum!x
  • I look into ds's crib (14weeks) and get a huge grin and he starts kicking and getting excited to see me x
  • i love it when i snuggle into her neck and she just smells so beautiful and she laughs so hard as its tickly.
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