Any other 10 month olds still not crawling?

Riley is 10 months, well 11 in a couple of weeks, and he's still not crawling. He was 5wks prem and has always been behind on everything. He only learnt to sit unsupported just before xmas (between 8 and 9 months). He's only rolled a couple of times, until just recently when he's been rolling in his cot then screaming because he can't get back over! He has always hated being on his tummy but when he's sitting he will lean on his hands but when it comes to it just falls on his front and cries until I sit him back up.
I'm beginning to think that crawling just isn't gonna be for him because he loves being on his feet (with us holding him) and loves running around in his walker.
Any other babies this age not crawling? Also has anyone got any tips to teach him to crawl, or should I just leave him to it?


  • Hi Kel,
    Same story here! Ollie is nowhere near crawling and was 11 months old yesterday. He has been sitting really well since about 7mths and has been able to roll from front to back for a while, in the last few weeks he has started rolling back to front and over and over!

    He will stand up if supported but doesn't automatically put his legs down and isn't one of these babies that LOVES to be standing.

    He was 6wks prem as you know and seems less physical than babies his age but development in other areas is fine such as talking- he now says Mum and Dad and calls the cat (by sucking his lips in!) he also loves books and will sit for ages turning pages, feeling the textures and kissing the bits he likes! He is pointing and waving and starting to play peekaboo too!

    I really wouldn't worry, I know some babies who weren't prem who didn't crawl until late and some even never crawled- just got up and walked!
  • Dinks I'm glad you've replied as I know our boys are fairly similar!
    Riley is quite vocal as well! He's not saying mum or mama yet but is constantly saying dada! He is starting to wave too and copies us if we clap.
    He's still got to build up his strength but I'm thinking he will be one of those who will just walk. x
  • Sorry to gatecrash but Grace (5 now) was 8 weeks prem. She only started to crawl after she walked, which was around 18 months. She was also a late sitter.She did however push herself around flat on her back from 6 months. I wouldn't worry, some lo's just don't crawl-at least they stay where you put them!!
  • Sorry to gatecrash but Grace (5 now) was 8 weeks prem. She only started to crawl after she walked, which was around 18 months. She was also a late sitter.She did however push herself around flat on her back from 6 months. I wouldn't worry, some lo's just don't crawl-at least they stay where you put them!!
  • Hi, My LO was 12 weeks prem, and is now 13 months (uncorrected). She has only been crawling in the past couple of weeks, she can't roll over yet, or get from crawling to sitting up. We thoght she would go straight to walking as she loves standing but now she is crawling she prefers to be on the floor. She has only been sitting up since Nov time, so don't worry, all babies develop at their own pace! x
  • Michael was about 5.5 weeks premature. He is now 9.5 months and is not crawling yet. He is commando crawling, but proper crawling he is trying but he just can't. He does sit unsupported, but started it late. He now does stand, but till a month ago he wasn' tolerating any weight on his legs. He does roll over very frequently and has done so from about 5 months.

    Every baby is different. Don't worry to much. I try to look at Michael and see the things that do improve instead of the things he isn't doing yet. Every week is he is getting better at things. image That way I am less worried.
  • No worries Kel, I do look out for your posts and Ryley and Ollie do seem to be very similar in what they do!
  • Hi guys

    Daisy is crawling, so I can't help you there, but I can tell you about my friend's gorgeous little girl, who will be 12 months in a couple of weeks and still isn't crawling. She's doing lots of other things and is a happy, content little chick!

    I don't think you've got anything to worry about, especially as they were both prem, but I know how hard it is to not worry about these little bundles of joy image

    C xxx
  • Jack wasnt prem but is 9 and half months and isnt crawling. He sits up well and can roll but no crawling! He can stand holding on to the sofa etc if i put him there he wont climb up to standing yet.

    Is this normal? should i be worried?

  • Hi,
    My son was 1 on Friday and although he can sort of bum shuffle he is not crawling. But he is doing other things so I am not too worried. Some babies don't crawl at all.
  • dd was 8 weeks prem and only started to crawl at 10 months (actual age). once she was crawling there was no stopping her. she is now 15 months and been walking confidently for nealy 5 weeks
  • Thanks ladies it's good to know that there are other late crawlers out there. Every other baby I tend to see who are younger than Riley are crawling all over the place. Maybe I should be glad that I don't have to worry about him crawling all over and touching things he shouldn't be because I know he's going to be into everything when he can get about! x
  • Lily only started crawling at about 13 months and shows no signs of wanting to walk even now at 14 months. Although she can crawl perfectly well she'd rather sit and read a book or play - she saves crawling for when she desperately wants to get at something.

    HV and doc are not worried (haven't seen them about it specifically but they've looked her over when I happened to be seeing them about something else) and neither am I :\)
  • Lily didn't crawl until about 10 months. She rolled a few days after she started crawling. All she used to do was sit with her toys and books! She wasn't interested in carwling at all. She walked at about 12 months I think! But now, given the choice she would rather not walk! x
  • Your lo sounds like Gabe - Gabe wasn't prem but he didn't sit till 8 months either and didn't crawl till wait for it - 15 MONTHS!

    Like Riley he was much more interested in walking and walked before he crawled. However, he was a lazy boy and did not walk all of the time until he was 16 months, he preferred to cruise round the furniture and walls instead.
  • Aiden only shuffles around he's almost 11 months!! he was 3 weeks early!!
  • Oscar was early with crawling and walking but one of his girlfriends didn't crawl till 11 months and at 15 months - almost 16 - she still doesn't roll, pull herself to standing, cruise or walk. Neither her mum or her health visitor are worried, babies do things when they're ready.

    Riley sounds like he's doing really well, especially being prem. Try not to worry xx
  • Charlotte is 10.5 months and not crawling, but beginning to (finally) look like she wants to. She loves to stand up and walk along with support but still very unsteady. She wasnt prem or anything just far to content and lazy ! She figured out how to slid herself on her bum across our laminate so if anything is out of reach she just shuffles across to it ! Why make the effort to crawl when you can slide ! LOL
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