Leaving lo?

I was just wondering a few thigs really, how old was lo when you first left them and how many havent left them yet. Before Evie was born me & hubby always said we would go out once a month for some special time together. We havent managed this which i'm happy about but on the 29th jan he has said we are going out for a meal to start our once a month speical time. I know its stupid but i dont want to leave her, i know its better that i leave her sooner rather than later cause i'll make a rod for my own back, BUT I DONT WANT TO lol.

Alex & Evie xxxx


  • my lo is 7 months i left him once when he was 5 weeks, which i was ok with but.. im leaving him tonight, me and hubby are going out 4 his bday, and lo his at my sister house as i speak! untill tomorrow afternoon, im soooo missing him!!! lol but i no i have to be seperated at some point i have to have a life too!

    feels so quite withou him lol sorry 4 rabbling, lol
  • Hi hun, i first left Evie when she was a couple of months if memory serves me right, and i did NOT want to, but got talked into it. I hated every minute being away from her and it made her worse that it was my MIL who had her over night who i can't stand. Since then though i've left her tonnes of times, even been for a weekend away and things, and yes, i miss her but it doesn't bother me too much anymore and she is now 13months.

    I do regret being talked into it before i was ready though but it does get easier!
  • I leave Oscar with my hubby lots, but never for more than a couple of hours as im bf'ing. The first time we left him with someone else (my mum) he was about 11 weeks, we went out for a meal for our birthdays, and it was fab. I was worried at first but i knew if there was a problem we would just go home, and he was fine too. A bit lost looking at first apparently, but soon forgot about us! For our sanity it was good too, a bit of quality us time, which we really needed, and are going to do it once a month from now on. xx
  • I leave Kelsie & Jack with OH probably every couple of weeks while I have to go out. But apart from OH the 1st time away from both of us was when Kelsie went to my mum and dads when she was 11 months old, just for the afternoon 3-6pm. I cried as she went and missed her like hell for the 1st half hour, then it got easier and easier!! She's only been away from home one other time and that was the Friday mornin I had Jack at 7am and I saw her for first time 11am Sunday. I leave children with OH not a problem. My mum keeps hinting that she'll have to have Kelsie again but I'm not so sure!! She'll have Jack when Kelsie has her Measles vaccine next month for 6 hours!!

    We said that we would have some 'our time' but since having children we dont at all. Theyre in bed by 7pm and the evenings are our own, Jack is only waking once or twice now for food overnight which is great too.

    Amazing how much in a day or week of having them that you can't imagine life without them!!

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