FAO Queen Bee!

Hi Zoey

I just wanted to say thank you for telling everyone about OC as the other day at work a girl who is heavily pregnant was scratching away at her belly and the first thing that came into my head was OC. I asked had she been itching for a while and she said thinking about it she was quite itchy! I told her about OC and said that she would ask her midwife about it. She saw her midwife yesterday and they are testing her for OC as she is still itching!

Hope your itching is ok now!



  • We are both fine, well Lily is on steriods cos of an infection on her chest that made her lungs inflammed but she is happy enough!

    I had never heard of OC until you mentioned it on here - I never even read about it in any pregnancy books! Hopefully she won't have it, but it is best to find out now. She's about 30 weeks pregnant I think now and the way she was scratching her belly was very worrying!
  • She was itching her belly and rubbing her hands! She said she just thought it was her body stretching and stuff, but she said she had been itching for a while now that I'd mentioned it! I suppose it isn't something you would worry about if you hadn't heard of it. Hopefully she'll get her blood results back asap, she said they took 7 syringes full of blood to test for different stuff!
  • hi ladies, id never heard of oc either until i was diagnosed with it at 30weeks. ive noticed in mum and baby mags that they are slowly starting to do sections/reports on oc, warning women that some itching isnt normal, and to be extra vigilant.

    queen bee-are you pg again mrs? when you due?
  • Ooooo are you QB?

  • You will be honey...one day. Don't despair. Rubys only 7/8 months isn't she? The 'average' couple take 12 months TTC. OH and I took 14.5 months TTC Kelsie.

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