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bad night last night - it just doesnt stop!

Ollie started coughing yesterday and last night was horrendous - he sounded like a dog barking! I was up till 2am with him, he spiked his temp and was very upset... I finally got to sleep at 2am, and he woke up again at 4am - so i gave up and went into his room and took him into the spare bed with me, where he fell asleep for another two hours laid on top of me clinging to my neck.....

this morning he has massive blisters all over the bottom of his face, so coupling that with the coughing and temp spike i took him back to the docs today....

she has declared him borderline for hospitalisation, and at the moment the only thing keeping him out of there again is the fact that he is eating....
He has a wheeze, and his chest isnt good she said, his fingers peeling is a bad sign, and his cough is part of it too.
His face is impetigo, which she has given us a cream for, and she also gave him a cream for the rash he has that has started to turn dry and crumbly....

So we're under instructions to watch him closely and if he shows signs of not wanting to eat he has to go straight in - as it apparantly its a sign he is struggling to breathe again.
I'm at work later....... :roll: Typical.

And the house we viewed! God the house!
~It looks like the boiler has leaked - the house has been stood empty for nearly 12 months now - so the downstairs carpets are ruined, it looks like a bit of the dining room has got damp, it needs a complete new boiler, the garden is way smaller than we thought it was - very very very small, the kitchen needs work on it, its all VERY old and needs a lot of money spending on it to bring it anywhere close to nice.

Its a lot of money considering its at the top end of our budget......
the upstairs is livable in, and it could be done... but the money is going to be an issue, and the time to do it will be as well - and do i want my babies growing up in a building site? Hubby will have to do all the work himself so it will take at least 12 months (which also mean the bloody MIL will be up every weekend too!).......

Is it going to be too much?
We're looking at getting a full survey done, but at the very least we'd want to knock ??20k off the price - it'll cost that alone to repair the problems, and if we left them to do it it might not get repaired properly..... (It was an old couple who had it and its been seriously run down)

It just never stops! My poor baby boy, and possibly our poor finances!
I'm not gonna be able to concentrate properly at work tonight for fear about Ol, and hubby is worrying himself about wether his 'dream' house is really worth it or just a dream......



  • Bless you hun, What a nightmare you seem to be having! I will keep my fingers crossed that ol is ok and gets better! And what a kick in the teeth about the house, needs some serious thinking about I guess.... Good luck hun xxxx
  • oh honey!! sorry Ollie is off again - i found out after my last one had bronchiolitis it can hang around fot upto 8 weeks - she also ended up back in hospital twice, but doesnt sound as bad as poor ollie! hopefully it will be a 24hr thing!

    as for the house - if you want it, go in a lot lower than what you want to pay!!! you can always increase bids! my oh does property- he's just bought a house in your old stomping ground that was on the market for ??65k, for ??37k! you can see thru the roof, but it will be sorted!

    at the moment, people are just desperate to sell, and any money claimed back is a bonus (am sure i saw it was a repo?)

    kisses to Ollie, and let us know when you are at your dad's so we can all meet!!

  • he's so far not slept much at all last night, woke up completely at 6am, taken his 8oz morning milk, but refused all food, going so far as to throw it over the poor dog! So I had wheatabix covered dog and screaming baby to deal with after a second night of very little sleep, and then he all of a sudden passed out exhausted on the couch after 3 1/2 hours of screaming at me.
    I'm full of another bloody cold that i cant breathe through, so am not feeling great myself (after food poisoning this weekend, and only just clearing the last cold on friday)
    and all my hubby can say is well you know what to do - ask my mum to come up"!!1!!!!!

    I dont bloody want her up anymore! Ive had a week of her, and I've had enough of her! She's so bloody 'sensitive' that you cant say anything to her for fear of upsetting her, and when i did the other week she turned it completely round on me to hubby and made me out to be the bad guy.... (hubby does get where i'm coming from but cant see that its just his mother that doesnt understand that she is spoiling my child and treating him like he is hers, and also making me very claustrophobic wth wanting to be here every bloody week to see ollie)
    She is coming up this weekend anyway (anyone want to let me come stay at theirs for the day?) so I'm going to have to put up with her now when i dont want to.

    And dear darling husband seems to think that theres only him that has a lack of sleep and he needs it more than i do because he's working 12 hour days at the moment and all i do is look after ollie.

    God, that turned into a bit of a rant didn't it......?

    Just so stressed out at the moment, and all I want is for Ollie to get better. I dont want anyone else interferring, and I'd like some sleep please if its possible? image

  • oh honey!! i sympathise totally!

    does ollie still have any inhalers? if necessary, could he have it overnight? usually the treatment nowadays is not to use them, but they worked wonders for mine - esp. overnight!!

    now he has gone to sleep, stuff the cleaning etc, and get your head down yourself, you need to look after yourself at the moment too!!

  • yeah and she said to use them again, but to give up to 10 puffs if he needed it.... every 4-6 hours. :roll:

    he's awake again now, but at least he's not crying - just shredding tissues :lol: well if its keeping him quiet!

    I've lost my voice too now as well :roll: :lol:

  • if he has a blue (salbutamol / ventolin) one, he can have 2 puffs every hour if necessary! issy has ended up seeing the asthma nurse, and this is the advice she gave me to avoid re-admission!!

    obviously if you are having to do this for hours on end, he'd need readmission, but for a couple of hours.........

    if he goes back to sleep later, you do too!
  • Aww Stephe, hon, my heart goes out to you.

    I hope your lil man gets better soon (and you) for all of your sakes...

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