i am going to stop using calpol!!

hi girls! just to let u all know of the E numbers in calpol. ther are 5 of them. brooke has been poorly and haing calpol and her behaviour has been awful! smacking saying No to everything shouting etc. i hadnt even thought of it coz its sugar free but rob said yeah but it has E numbers in it.

Just looked at other infant paracetamols and it seems no others contain e numbers. We are going to give Disprol a try and im going to tell the doc i dont want calpol on prescription!

has anyone else paired calpol with bad behaviour? my cousin has had the same problem with her kids but never linked the 2 untill i mentioned it..



  • calpol makes matthew hyperactive and he doesnt sleep. I give him nurofen now. much better xx
  • i use calpol on tegan occasionaly and have never noticed any change in her behaviour xx
  • I tend to buy the co-op brand paracetamol cause its half the price of calpol and you get twice as much and it does the same job. Must say I hadn't noticed any different behaviour in cole after having either - its just that i got baby paracetamol on prescription once and the chemist gave me the coop stuff and i realised how much cheaper it was!

    I found with asdas ibuprofin I think it made cole more sicky and he didn't like it but thats it. With ibuprofin though the doc told me it can irritate the stomach so best to give with food if I needed to use it and try to avoid it cause of cole's reflux.
  • Our doc prescribes Medinol which is basically calpol without the additives and colourings. That said both of ours are fine with either so I guess we're lucky!
  • It annoys me how Calpol has the E numbers in. Who says Calpol HAS to be pink, grrr...Gabe has been fine with it luckily but he absolutely hates the taste of calpol so I have bought some orange nurofen for next time he is poorly to see if he prefers that. xx
  • we've found paracetamol just doesnt work at all for Ollie - none of them. Its ibuprofen (fenpaed on prescription) that we give to Ollie as it works much better for him, and much faster.
    He did have calpol when he was younger and we didnt notice any ill effects, but recently nothing - calpol, medinol, bog standard para - they have no effect on him at all, no reduction in temps no pain relief...

    sorry, completely off the topic and of no help/interest whatsoever....
  • Kelsie has calpol when she needs it and we have never noticed no change in her behaviour whatsoever. If she did change after having it I would not give it to her anymore.

  • I dont think that calpol effects Louise but I will keep an eye out to see! My doctor told me to give it to her for 3-5 days to ensure she keeps her temp down. And, told me I could keep giving it to her constantly and it would do her no harm! Not that he suggesed I should but he was going on about guidlines on boxes just covering the company who makes it.

    We did her if to her over night and she did not sleep well............
  • it dosent seem to effect grace but then again i dnt like giving medicine v often so she dosent have enough that id notice.There are e numbers in so much that itd b almost impossible to avoid them completely.I am very fussy in what i feed my kids as i dnt like them eating junk or sugar but if you checked everything ud b surprised at wat has e numbers in! I am more surprised at how much sugar is in so called "baby" food and "baby" yoghurts!!
  • heinz seems to be the worst although the cow and gate dairy desserts contain sugar,most baby juices,all baby fromage frais and baby yoghurts apart from rachels organic yoghurts.Scary stuff this baby lark!!lol xx
  • no not really but i rarely use it
  • Aoife hasn't ever had a bad reaction to calpol but then I have only given her 5 or 6 spoons so far (she's nearly 5 months), as she hasn't needed it. I think if she was really poorly and needed it more often I might try something else as repeated doses probably makes the effects worse.
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