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radio news this morning said that phone votes were looked into...laura was in bottom two...


Who do you want to go??

Who do you think based on recent weeks, will be in the bottom two??

And who do you want to win?

Me - I want Rachel to go

but, I think bottom two - Diana and Daniel (maybe Ruth though?)

I did want Diana to win but am changing my mine to Alexandria. (I think JLS have got a very good chance though!)


  • daniel to go.


    the idea is it is a talent show. we've already lost some good singers, while some strange people keep voting him in.

    not too sure on the winners - alexandria, jls, for me, but with how it's gone so far????? anybodies guess!!!
  • diana to win she has such an usual voice if not jls , daniel to go this week,
  • Hiya.I think Rachel and Daniel will be in bottom two..or maybe thats just wishful thinking because thats who i want it to be!cant stand Rachel since day one!
    Want Diana or JLS to win,but who knows!prefer strictly tbh lol!!!!!!!
    What i dont get is about Laura going...ok,she shouldnt of gone out at this stage but if you want ppl to stay in VOTE for them!dont moan after the fact!lol....or is there some fuss about the votes being tampered with???
  • I think it's impossible to say who will be in the bottom two like Ollier said. I think its more a popularity contest than a singing contest sadly, like most reality shows. People like Daniel stay in because the public are more likely to pick up the phone to vote if they feel sorry for someone instead of the really talented ones!
    Having said that I like JLS and Alex. Not sure about Diana-sometimes I think she sounds like Orvill and the hand thind annoyed me for a while-bit controversial! But she is WAY better than Daniel and Rachel. Bring on Saturday. . . .!
  • i also hope daniel and rachel will be in bottom 2. Alexandra and jls are my favorites
  • Yes, from what thwy said on the radio this morning, there was fuss about the votes being tampered with! Her is xfactors view..... http://xfactor.itv.com/stories/story-detail/item_100386.htm

    It says though, that showing number of votes would give contestants an unfair advantage and ruin the show for viewers - I disagree with this - I think it might make some people vote more times for thier fav if they knew they were near the bottom - just making it different - might keep the talent in rather than personalities!!! It might make more tempted to vote as I just leaving voting up to others!!!

    I only think Diana with be in the bottom two because there was all the fuss about her being able to watch fireworks but not able to sing. I think it could have lost her some of her voters.

    I might vote in the final few...

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  • I agree with tallkatie2.

    Rachel or Daniel (or preferably both) to go & Diana or Alexandra to win.
  • I want Alexandra to win, always have done she is talented! I think after last week's performance Rachel should go but I think it will be Diana xx
  • Rachel, Daniel & Eoghan to go!
    Rachel - couldn't stand her from the start
    Daniel - good voice but no pop star!
    Eoghan - too young & looks like 'Tiny' off Tots TV!

    I think Ruth should win as she is fantastic, Diana is a good singer but that hand thing annoys me!, I liked Laura but she was a bit of a screamer so I didn't think she was a winner anyway! JLS are great & Alexandra is fab too - are there anymore left?!

    It's usually best for them if they don't win overall as they get a better career!

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