How to dress a baby?!!!!!!

Does anyone else find it hard to decide how to dress baby appropriately for the weather? I worry about overheating baby but then worry she isn't warm enough! I know all babies are different but I'd be grateful if you could give me an idea of what you dress your LO in during this weather where it is neither hot nor cold.



  • Can't be of any help i'm afraid but will also be keeping an eye on this thread! My little one is 5 weeks old and i am constantly wondering if he is too hot or too cold! He seems quite a hot baby and has had heat rash on a couple of occasions (today being one of them!) During the day if we are at home he is just in a baby gro. I only dress him up properly when we go out and about or people come over. x
  • i follow the guide of one more layer than i wear, unless im just wearing clothes through modesty!
  • its safer to be a little bit chilly than too hot! Layers are best, then you can remove or add as you go. at the moment we are in leggins or trousers with a vest and long sleeve top plus cardi if we go out and a blanket in the buggy. My LO is 10m though!!

    Em x
  • leggings are a gods-send!!! image
  • Dylan wears a pair of trousers and a t-shirt then I take a hoody type top out with us. He also doesn't wear socks as they cause him to slip now he cruises and if I put them on him to go out they get pulled straight off and used as a teether :lol:
  • Lily wears a vest onesie thing, then a pair of trousers and socks, and a t-shirt. We don't have many long sleeve t-shirts that fit her, so I'm constantly warming up her arms and hands.
  • my little girl is 12 weeks, she's in leggings most days, with a vest/ babygro then a t-shirt or long sleeved top/ baby grow. if we're in the house, i usually like having her in long sleeved tops unless i feel it is warm, and then ill change her to shortsleeved tshrts. her hands are bloody freezing sometimes, but her body is always warm so i go with that.when going out, if the weather isn;t warm, she has a hoody plus a blanket if its a bit windy or cold. xx
  • I tend to start with her dressed quite well e.g. vest, t-shirt, dungarees, socks and cardi when we go out - but as the day goes on I strip off layers if she gets too warm so quite often by the evening she'll be kicking about on her rug in just a vest and t-shirt lol.

    I think just go for layers and play it by ear - every baby is different and I find my lo gets hot even when I think it's a bit on the cool side xx
  • my LO is 13 wks

    today she has a vest, long sleeved T-shirt, dress and tights and a cardi on. She had 2 blankets - one over her keeping her warm and a thin one that she likes to snuggle into.
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