ok ladies, thanks for all of your latest replies, i have done my map and dotted you all onto it, and i've been on a couple of train websites (eg national rail) to get an idea of journey times by train.

I investigated a good few areas including manchester and nottingham.... and..........

The area coming out tops at the moment is birmingham which seems to be very central, most people having the same distance to travel, varying from an hour to 3hours (generally though there are a few unfortunate ones who live a much longer distance away though this is inevitable and unfortunately can't be helped) and it also appears to require the fewest train changes too, generally no changes at all.

I don't drive personally so don't have a clue about motorways or anything, is anybody able to tell me if birmingham is easy enough to get to for those travelling by car?

What do we all think of birmingham (baring in mind my "research"??


as garfield has pointed out london should be up for nomination too. i've just gone away and done more looking at mileage via car, and journey times via train.

it seems that where for most peoples locations theres further distance ie mileage to travel to london, but train journeys are similar length whether travelling to london or birmingham if not london is quicker!

It really depends then on whether you're coming by car or by train. If you want any other areas to be thrown in for good measure ill gladly get my map out and have a look.


p.s. for the girls who've replied late - yes you're more than welcome this will be open to all (bar the trolls) on baby forum and things are still in working progress at the moment nothing is confirmed or set in stone so still plenty of time for people to make decisions

love you all XXX

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  • Sounds good to me i would get the train as don't fancy driving all that way xxx
  • No. Far to far for me!

    4hrs 39mins on a train. 4 changes. 186 miles. Kelsie is so active keeping her still for 5 mins is impossible let alone 5hours!

    Count me out :cry:


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  • I just typed it in journey planner and is 147 miles for me. I do drive but am a nightmare if i dont know where i am going so may do it on the train.

    Just an idea for anyone who would be getting a train could the location possibly be in a city centre or easy via cab from the main line station rather than getting lots of trains xx

    Just looked on train journey for me and it would be either 2 or 3 changes and take about 3hours so sounds fine to me.

    Another suggestion sorry i am going on again maybe some of us coming from the southern areas travelling by train could meet at the central london station and travel up together for company? xxx

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  • Sounds fab to me as I am 40 mins from there when I am in the UK. Trains are really good into it too, I loooove shopping there!! xx
  • madnbella - i would definately be finding a function room as close to the station as possible (whichever station it might be!) will always be trying to keep it simple for all who travel.

    Garfield that's a shame.... obviously birmingham is a suggestion at this point though, not set in stone so we'll see what the general concensus is. XX
  • We don't drive either, so would have to get train. I know everybody will have to sacrifice something. But as far as I know there are only 3 people on here from Suffolk and none of us have gone to the Midlands meet because its to far. London is 4 hours away in a car, but only 1.5 hours on a train. So its not just distance as well, its hours travelling.

  • Birmingham works for me. It should be pretty good for anyone coming by road as there are motorways more or less to the city centre from most directions.
  • garfield your post has been noted image want to please as many people as possible so will do further investigating when i get home from work.

    birmingham so far seems to be pleasing most though.... we shall see!

  • I think it would be a yes from me as I can drive but am happy to do the train too.

  • sounds good, we drive and near to motorways so we could prob make it
  • yep would be fine for me I am sure!
  • I'm sure you're doing your best.

  • Sorry we won't be able to do Birmingham either as by train its about 5 hours which just isn't worth it to be honest. Good only knows what it would be by car! xxxx
  • Should be fine for me
  • Fine for me too!! Count us in-Thank you x
  • Birmingham would be fine for me!
  • yep birmingham is great for me - about an 1 and a half hours by train straight into new street! xx
  • I just want to say thank you so much linzi for this it must be taking up some time but hopefully will be soo worth it in the end i am sooo excited about meeting you all xxxxx
  • no probs for me as i live near if you need any help with birmingham locations i will do my best to help
  • awww i really wanted to come but it is 8 hours on the train for me plus 3 changes!!! x
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