Does you lo eat sandwiches?

Hello ladies,
Iknow some of you have emntioned you los eating bread..I have a couple of qu.

I tried my lo with toast and dairylea but she hardly touched it. I tried her with fresh homemade bread sun and she ate it and also today. Tried her breadsticks dipped in dairylea, hubby said she gagged quite a few times and wasnt keen on dairylea.
My question is, what else can I put on bread? Sounds silly I know, but im not sure what things they can adn cant have. Also, what size do you cut them into? At present I just give her a piece about x2 2- size which she squidges into her mouth!

Im slowly progressing with lo finger food. just very over cautious with choking etc! She tends to see how far she can put it in her mouth before taking a bite! xxx


  • I can't remember how old your lo is but mine has ordinary cheese sandwiches, ham sarnies, egg mayo, tuna mayo, jam sarnies, cheese on toast, marmite, ummmmm basically anything I would have in a sandwiche and I just cut them into like soldiers - when he first started with toast and sarnies I cut the crusts off to make it easier but now he has it all crusts and everything and they are his FAVOURITE THING and totally disappears! But it did take him a long while to manage either toast or sarnie esp as he had no teeth!
  • It is a lot easier when they have the top teeth - Gabe has 4 teeth now and he eats a whole sandwich quarter. I found giving him a whole quarter was a lot easier than giving him fingers as he messed around less, and was easier for him to bite bits off!

    I keep the crusts on, never knew you should cut them off, Gabe has choked on a crust before but he has also choked on puree...

    He has only had dairylea and jam sandwiches. I am a bit cautious of tuna etc cos I know he'd tear it all up and make a HUUUGE mess lol and he is not a very messy child in general.

    Re choking, the best tip I think is to trust your child. Gabe tries to shove it all in his mouth and I do get a bit panicky but 9 times out of 10 he takes it out again and takes a normal sized bite. I tell myself that he won't choke, to trust him. And then I think well even if he does choke, I can bang him on the back xxx
  • Thanks for your replies. I wasnt sure about jam and things due to sugar content, maybe i wll give that a go. Would bovril be to strong even if spread sparsely? dont have any marmite int eh house,
    charli...shes 8.5months, we started weaning her at 6mths.
    tigerlily...I try to stay relaxed. When I want to try something new I get oh to feed her whilst I do tea! lol! then come and join them half way through. with the bread sticks I think she nearly choked 2 but hubby is really relaxed. Hes always trying to suggest to give her things shes likely to choke on like noodles for example!
  • oh tigerlily im going to try cameron with quarters now youve said that. been cutting em into fingers but it makes sense he'll eat quarters better!
    cam has had dairylea, chicken, ham and am going to try him with jam i think tomorrow...when we have fresh bread cos the stuff in the cupboard would break his 2 little peggys!! hehe!
  • my boy eats sandwiches and toast loves them.
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