Another P&T question

Following post the other day I will be moving Maddie out of the cocoon into the doubles seat quite soon. Only problem with that is there won't be anywhere to hang the change bag.

What do you all do? Anyone got the paniers? They look a good idea but maybe like they'd make the buggy quite a bit wider which I don't really want....


  • I put mine in the basket, and keep my mobile and purse in the hood x
  • Hi, Try a "buggy buddy", they clip onto the handle of any buggy and you you can hang loads of bags on them. They are only about ??5 on ebay or amazon.
  • bumbag!!!! Supposedly coming back in fashion...or were supposedly in fashion right now???
  • Thanks girls. Quite want to keep the basket free for raincover and shopping, already have handbag and again shopping hanging off with a buggy buddy and there's NO WAY I'm wearing a bum bag!! Hehe though thanks Princess for the suggestion, if I wasn't vain it would be the perfect solution :\) Really keen to hear if anyone's used the panniers (although the more I look the further out they seen to stick....) and to hear other suggestions if anyone has any.
  • My friend has the Panniers and tbh I think it makes the buggy really wide - I think one of the joys of the P&T is that it isn't wide so really easy to get around places. I'm not using mine as a double yet (38 weeks today!) but I'm also wondering what to do about the changing bag, I currently use a big handbag and hang it off the handle - but it won't hold enough for two!
  • I've never had a problem with using a change bag in the doubles position. Most bags you can loosen the strap to it's fullest and then pop the bag over the handle and behind the second seat. Mine seem to fit quite nicely! One of them is even the free pamper one you get from Boots! x
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