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When to .....

change from using cotton wool and water for cleaning lo's bum to using wipes??? Is there a suggested age? When did you all change? When you use wipes should you dry their botty afterwards still or do you just wipe? Surely cotton wool and water is cheaper than wipes anyway?

Just advice please!


  • I started to use wipes when Spencer was about 9 days old. Yes, cotton wool is cheaper but for speed and convenience I use wipes. I still use cotton wool when I top'n'tail Spencer before bath.
  • I never used cotton wool and water! I just bought sensitive wipes. After I've wiped her clean, I just leave her for a minute or so to let her little bum dry off before putting on her clean nappy!
  • I hate using wipes on babies skin as their skin is so delicate so i still use cotton wool balls on Paige, having said that i do have wipes in my changing bag just incase when i'm out and about but i try to avoid them
  • we've been told by the midwife to wait until your babys at least four weeks old until you start to use wet wipes, for the same reason as waiting to use baby bath/lotion because their skin can be really sensitive at first. xxx
  • i waited till Abbie was about a month, then used wipes, i buy the sensitive wipes and i have never had a problem, have used them for all 4 children when they were babies! I used to air her bottom for a bit after when she was tiny but now i just put another nappy on they dont make their bottoms that wet anyway xxx
  • I used wipes from about 3 wks old. I bought pampers sensitive wipes and have had no problems so far. I leave it a few seconds to air her bot after wiping then put the clean nappy on. x
  • Ive used wipes on jayden ever since I can remember and never had a problem x
  • i used wipes straight away. i bought pampers sensitive and my lo's bum was fine. just leave it a couple of seconds before putting a new nappy on.x
  • I have always used wipes as oh has a phobia of cotton wool and can't touch it (i know really weird isn't he!!), I have always made sure they are sensitive and never had a problem, Maddie very rarely gets nappy rash and only if under the weather o if i use boots nappies.
    I buy in bulk when on offer, Sainsburys were great in there baby week had four packs for ??2.50 so stocked up.
  • Hiya

    I used cotton wool and water till Ellis was about 3/4 weeks then started to use sensitive wipes. We've never had any problems with sensitive wipes but i did use non sensitive ones once and they made his bum sore.

  • I think its about 4-5 weeks old they recommend it. I use cotton wool at home in the daytime and wipes when out and about and at night - been doing that since Cole was about 3 weeks old and had no problems. We did use wipes only before that (sensative skin ones) and he got nappy rash so thats why we went back to cotton wool in the daytime.

    I think it was the johnsons wipes that were kinda soggy - I had a freebie pack of those and I used to dry coles bum after using them, don't bother with the asda ones we use now cause they aren't that soggy.

    Personally I prefer cotton wool balls to wipes anyway - its easier to clean him....and helps that its cheaper image
  • I think it was about 4 weeks when I started using them on Kara. I just buy fragrance free wipes and I have no problems. I hate the feel of cotton wool especially when it is wet but I suffered the feeling for the 1st couple of weeks for Kara's sake.
  • I started using wipes when Zara was about 2 weeks. I would just let her kick about for a minute til shes dry & then put the nappy on her. Shes never had any problems with them

    Hilary x
  • I started using wipes after about two weeks and bought sensitive ones because tiny cotton wool balls cannot cope with a bum covered in bright yellow poo! I rinsed them in water before using them for the first few days. Waitrose make some unfragranced wipes which Neve seems fine with.
  • i used them from birth, but switched to cotton wool and water when she was about 3weeks because of nappy rash. but once it cleared up, back to wipes and i use a piece of loo roll just to tap her bum dry b4 i put a bit of cream on x
  • 4 weeks! i now use wipes and leave his nappy off for a short while afterwards to dry-i used baby bath and lotion straight away because the midwife gave him a bath in hospital and she used baby bath and said it was absolutely fine and that they are so mild that it wouldn't affect babies skin at all!
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