Would you??

We live in what used to be one 4 storey Victorian terraced house, that is now split into 4 flats, one on top of the other. Ours is at the top.

New neighbours have just moved into the bottom flat. I met them for the first time a couple of days ago although know *of* them through some mutual friends. They've asked hubby and I over for a glass of wine one evening in the next couple of weeks to meet them properly.

Be honest - do you think it's wrong of me to consider leaving Maya (11 weeks) asleep in her cot while we are downstairs?? Obviously i would take the monitor and peg it upstairs if she woke. She goes down at 7 / 7.30pm and doesn't stir until I wake her for a feed at 10 / 10.30pm. I expect we would pop downstairs at around 8pm and stay for around an hour. Part of me thinks it's probably not right, but an identical house opposite hasn't been converted and is one big family house (lucky beggars!).



  • Would the monitor work over that distance? x

  • It might just be easier to invite them up to yours - then you can meet them properly and still be near your LO!
  • I think if you are feeling its not the right thing then dont do it. I guess you would worry all the time you are there if you did! It would probably be fine, but i dont think i would takethe risk.

    Em x
  • Can't see a problem myself as like you say it's supposed to be 1 house anyway! As long as you make sure the monitors are ok and that you still check on her!

    Tbh only you know how safe she will be and how comfortable you would feel. Xx
  • Hi **Cath**,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, inviting them to ours would definitely be the best option, and likely what we'll suggest :\) Best get those skirting boards polished - ha!

    I guess I was sort of curious as to what people thought as 'acceptable' in this sort of situation. Obviously, a quick drink isn't worth getting het up about, but it just got me thinking and I realised I wasn't sure whether I thought it was right or wrong! :lol:

    The monitor does work so it would be possible....
  • :lol:

    The closest my skirting boards get to a polish is when Adam wees on them!
  • Ok, my personal opinion is that I dont think I could, but then I wouldnt be able to leave an 11 week old up 4 floors anyway! Have you got a moses basket/carrycot? Id take lo with me, but, like I say, just my opinion

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 10 months
  • :lol: **Cath**

    Thanks for the other replies (think we were posting at the same time).
    Expect we'll invite them to ours this time, and save the dilemma for another day!

    I'm always pondering things like this, like whether I should leave LO in the car when I pay for petrol....

  • I think it would be OK, as long as the monitor works, and you feel comfortable, but only you can make the decision. xxx
  • I'd do it because essentially its just like me leaving my dd2 upstairs napping in her cot whilst myself and dd1 are playing in the garden I imagine its the same distance and its not like your in different building or anything...x
  • I think if your going to worry over it then you would be better off just taking lo down to theirs or explaining the situation to your neighbours and asking if they would mind coming to you instead, im sure it wont be a problem.

    I dont think it would be a problem leaving lo upstairs but i know that i would personally worry and wouldnt be able to relax, so just go with what you feel most comfortable with.

    hope you have a nice time when you see them xx
  • Personally I wouldnt but im probably a nurotic mother,lol. I wouldnt put lizzie down to sleep upstairs in her moses basket when we were downstairs til she was 4 months and she was in her cot x
  • We're also in a flat though only 2 storey and I'll often pop up for a short period whilst ds is sleeping with the monitor. I can hear him perfectly (in fact the ceilings that thin I could hear him cry without the monitor lol) and I see it as I'd leave him upstairs if it was one house. (it's never long).
    However if you wouldn't relax then it'd prob be best to have them at your's so you can enjoy yourselves a bit more.
  • I would prob do it. If the monitor works and you're happy LO is safe and you could relax then why not. As your LO is 11wks you can be sure she'll stay in her cot etc - that luxury won't last long!


  • What are you meant to do when you get petrol? Lol! Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with it, it wouldn't be such a quandry if it was still once house. However tbh I probably wouldn't do it, just something about lo being in a locked flat alone. We had a street party at the weekend and were opposite the house the other side of our narrow road (closer than being down the bottom of the garden) in the end I did leave ds in bed for his naps but felt funny about it x
  • Personally I wouldn't do it. And I never leave her in the car whilst paying for petrol either - you always hear about people stealing cars on the petrol forecourt and ending up taking a baby too image

    I just don't see why people would risk it? Such precious cargo!

    NN x
  • NN - I absolutely hate leaving the boys in the car when I pay for petrol and now try desperately to get some while I dont have the boys or when hubby/someone else is with me as I cant physically carry them both and they arent in their rear carseats anymore (although towards the end I couldnt carry them in them either!) If I do have to get some then I park right next to the tills and run in with cash ready and run out again.

    I found it hard to put them upsteirs on their own when they were small! lol! Neurotic mother alert!
  • I would invite them to yours instead, definitely.

    I think it's different if lo was asleep and you were popping down to drop off something...but an hour is quite a while. If you have doubts about it I wouldnt do it.

    I do leave lo in the car to get petrol though...
  • I dont think i would personally do it - incase of (and i know its extreme) things like fires etc. But I am a big worrier and havnt even put LO upstairs alone yet (she is 10wks)
  • We don't have a monitor, so I can't really relate to leaving lo 3 floors up, but I do live on the first floor of a flat and when we're off out on an errand I have to leave my son upstairs on his own for a couple of minutes while I take the pushchair downstairs. I can't manage a wrigglebottom and a Silver Cross 3D! I've had to do that since day one, so even when he was tiny. If you aren't going to be happy, definitely invite them up to yours, because then you'll relax and you won't have your ear glued to the monitor! x x x
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