Refusing warm milk and food!!


Last friday jacob had a temperature, cold and possible ear infection. He was on antibiotics and calpol. Obviously at the time he went of his food and milk. Before that he was having approx 18oz warmed milk and 3 meals plus a couple of puddings.

Anyway, he's still got bit of a cold but the temp etc is fine. We're now having a real struggle trying to get him to take fluids and food, although I discovered yesterday, he will take food if it's room temp or from the fridge. He'll only take milk at room temp or cold. He'll also only take it if he's sitting in his bouncy chair which is quite bizarre as he's not been given his milk in it before. Was jus trying anything to get it in to him.

It's very frustrating cos it's such an effort getting him to drink but I'm absolutely baffled as to why he won't take anything warm. The doc couldn't see anything wrong with his mouth or the bits she could see anyway.

Has anyone else LO gone off warm stuff like this??


  • Jack has suddenly gone off having his food too warm, i now just give it 10 seconds in the microwave to stop it being cold but if i warm it too much he just screams. he's really teething at the mo so i wondered if his gums were perhaps sensitive to hot things??? I don't know really, he's also gone off his home made food and also just wants jars - he has a bit of cold as well so may be they just like being awkward when they're feeling a bit off.
  • when cameron got his first tooth he went off warm milk and food. so perhaps some pegs can be coming through
  • Hiya hun faith would not take warm bottles from birth it had to be cold so i just gave it to her cold, it does them no harm, she would rather have starved than drank warm milk
  • maybe he has a sore throat. When Gabe has a cold and temp we give him room temp milk (wont take cold) as we dont wanna heat him up even more. That probably doesn't make sense though as breastmilk is warm! lol! He usually has it slightly warmed.
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