Something positive.....

Time to spread some happyness on be, so lets all think off and write down something positive that will spread some smiles.......

Mine......Over a year after getting married we're finally going to pick up our wedding photos tonight! yeah!

My little girl has been giggling when I kiss her cheeks alternatly really quickly - melts my heart everytime|!


  • jayden can sit unaided,

    and cryed not so long ago and said mama (which he dident know or cabnt even say mama, it just came out in his cry) but still melted my heart bless
  • Ohhhh I'm struggling a bit because I'm not well!! but I'll try my best....

    Barney also laughs when you kiss his checks, how cute is that?

    Millie has been 'looking after' me, she keeps giving me cuddles and big sloppy kisses.

    Fortunately my mum is here actually looking after me though as Millie isn't the best doctor lol
  • Oh got lots to post on here!!
    My lo has just started copying me by blowing raspberries!!! Covers you in spit but love it none the less.
    We're off on holiday to Scotland-our first family hol and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Maybe not the packing and washing after but it's gonna be brill!
    Oh and my lo in his Santa outfit-makes me smile and laugh out loud!
    Good post Loopy Loo x
  • Hayleyspirit - clever boy!

    Bedhead - yep, sooo cute, bless Millie - she's trying!

    Mum to 1 - hope you have a lovely time
  • Beth has slept through the night for the past 3 nights- it's such a pleasure not to get up at 5am.

    And my oh has tomorrow off work so this evening is the start of the weekend for us. And there's a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge.
  • kelly - oh no, another poorly mummy! but grear she's full of smiles

    zoey - bless her, she will do it again when you least expect it!

    these are lovely to read, keep them coming, off to pick up dh and get our wedding album (i'd like to add we took forever choosing it so our fault we've waited so long lol) cant wait to read more when we return!
  • poz - a full nights sleep - i'm a jealous mummy! enjoy your long weekend and wine!
  • Kelsie who is nearly 14 months took her first steps today!! A whole 4!! Clever girl!!

  • We're a lucky bunch! A log weekend sounds great Poz-and some sleep! x
  • Zoey85 I could totally put up with that for sleep!! I hope our next sleeps better x
  • Shhhh... Charlie slept 3 nights in a row from 7 -12 to 12:15- 7... but were not talking about it! *fingers in ears lalalalalalalalalalala...*

    (don't want to jinx it!!) xxx
  • Cole started walking this week! And he's settling in well at nursery. And he's eating his tea well. And he hasn't bedtime puked for the last 3 nights (well apart from a sicky burp just now..but if i don't have to shampoot he carpet then i don't mind!), and next week I get to go christmas shopping all on my own as cole is in nursery. Oh and hubby got paid so pizza for tea

    And cole is settling himself off to sleep a nd i can hear him over the moniter squealing and burbling to himself..its funny

    *not thinking about back to work in december*
  • big smiles!!!!! my wedding album is lovely! have 2 large prints aswell and we are hoping for frames for them for xmas!
  • Aw it's so nice to read such happy thoughts!

    Lily made me laugh last night when she finished her supper she put her bowl on her head and said 'hat!' really cheekily! She's 19 months and she's a real little joker, she makes me laugh all the time.

    And this morning Evie woke me up at 6am and I had to give her a bottle, but I took her into my bedroom and it felt so nice feeding her like that, reminded me of when she was newborn and how much she's grown.

    Oh and I'm looking forward to an early night with my hubby as he's been working nights and I've missed him!

  • My little baby boy has been allowed home from hospital image
    he still wont eat or drink but he's home and that's better than in hospital...

    and were having a girl in April!!!!

    two bits of good news image

    Really puts everything else into perspective when you're frightened you're going to lose one of your own.

    And (this may be a bad idea, but I dont drive anyway so wouldnt be much use if things went wrong...) I'm having a nice cold glass of wine! image The first in about a fortnight.

  • Aw that's great news S.Y. you must be so relieved to have Ollie home, and congrats on your pink bump!

  • oliver kissed me on the eyelid this morning then fell straight back to sleep image

    and i havnt had to use tena lady for 3 months!! yey ,lol
  • We getting a washer dryer delivered tomorrow YAYimage no more drying clothes in the laundry around the corner. Hate public laundry since a guy asked me there if I had a c section or vaginal birth cause Sophie looks big ! What a cheek! Never will I put my foot again there image

    Hubby's got 2 weeks holiday first time in 2 years image

  • Lol Amelia! what a cheek!!

    S.Y - thats great news that Ollie is back at home, he'll feel much happier and secure at home so should be much more relaxed and more likely to eat and drink. And congrats on finding out your having a girl.

    Joanne - go on...try and think of something that had made you smile in the last week.....
  • Ok, where to start.

    Tamzin is such a happy baby. Even though she has got a bad cold(gunk coming from her eyes and everything) She hasnt stopped smilling all day. She also laughed loads in baby club today, I was kissing her belly after weighing her and she giggled so much everyone started laughing.

    She is taking her milk better now to, draining every bottle. She is also rolling from her tummy onto her back and onto her side, shes sitting unaided too. My baby aint gonna be a baby for much longer. She is 17 weeks on Saturday.

    Kerry xxx
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