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Do you give you lo's breakfast first thing or do they have a bottle - then breakfast ?

Currently DS has his bottle just after he gets up and has his bum changed (about 7:45), then breakfast a hour later. But I'm wondering if I should give him breakfast when he gets up ?

K x


  • Dylan has a bottle first, he's usually quite sleepy first thing loves the cuddle the bottle brings plays for an hour then goes back to sleep. Has his breakfast around 8:30-9ish. Unless were going somewhere then he gets breakfast first thing and we take a bottle with us but hes never bothered for his milk then and its hard enough getting it in him as it is :lol:

    Why not try swapping them if thats what works for you

  • i have cut tobys bottle so it is much more of a meal.

    He wakes up roughly 7.30am - breakfast is 8am and today he had about 15 cheerios 10 teaspoons of porridge and pretty much a whole slice of toast and marmite - his first bottle of the day is at 10amish x
  • Hey you....
    We still do milk firstimage
    Milk around 8am
    brekkie around 8.30/9am
    lunch 12 noon
    Milk 2.30
    tea 5pm
    milk 6.30
    hope that helps!!

  • That does - thats not far off what we do now ... think I'll stick at it ... maybe cut down the 11o/c bottle ... see how it goes ...
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