SMA and coloc

My daughter has been screaming for at least an hour at her last feed of the night for almost 2 weeks now and ocasionaly has rages during the day too I'm beginning to wonder if she has colic. I've been reading on another forum about formula and colic and alot of people seem to suggest that SMA causes colic alot - has anyone had this experience? Apparently aptimal is much better


  • Hiya!

    Firstly I cannot believe I missed your BA. I kept popping over from April in early July but then I was just sooo busy.. So massive congratulations xxx

    Oliver was on SMA at first but then he developed colic. Don't think it was the SMA that caused it, but it certainly didn't help him and it also made him constipated. I put him on Aptamil which was slightly better. Things didn't improve until he went on Aptamil Comfort though, this was the turning point for us.

    Have you tried the anti colic bottles?

    It is awful for them, but Oliver got rid of his at 8/9 weeks and is now the happiest baby ever and he is still on the comfort milk.

    Right I'm off to read your other topics to catch up!

    H xx
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