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Hi ladies

Maiya will be 7 months on the 17th and was wondering whether it's unusual that she doesn't want to take any weight on her legs. I try holding her up and then walking her but she either just picks her feet off the floor or her little legs fold!! she can roll/sit unaided though. she is quite a big girl 18 pounds - maybe they can't take the weight!! she isn't crawling at all either.

should i be concerned? are there any games etc or things I can do to encourage her to use her legs more?? I read somewhere that baby walkers are actually bad for their legs so am a bit confused.

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  • hey,

    I dont think weight has got anything to do with it, Louise is 21lbs and can take her weight. It's just that all babies are different!

    Louise started crawling at about 7 1/2 months ish but because she wanted and kept trying to! She learnt how to roll on to her tumy but couldn't roll back so started trying to crawl! If your lo can roll to things then she has her way of moving sorted!

    If you want to encourage her to crawl, give her lots of tummy time. Also if you give her something to rest her tummy on it will encourage her to try to put weight on her arms. Put things just out of her reach too but I dont believe in doing that all the time as she needs to learn to play happily on her tummy too.

    As for bearing weight on her legs - I think just play games/sing ryhmes where you encourage her to put her feet on the floor. and bounce. Dont worry about trying to walk with her - getting her balance is important first.

    She will get there in her own time!

    Just try to think about all the things she CAN do!!
  • Well my Charlotte (14 months on Fri) is a strange one. She will bear weight on her legs but not all the time. She's been crawling since 8 months and for the past few weeks has been standing against us & the furniture and now cruises a little. But...when we stand her up against her push along she refuses to stand and plops down on her bum. I am a little worried about this as I thought she would want to stand when against this. However, everyone is telling me she obviously wants to do it her way in her own time and that she stands & cruises fine when left to her own devices.
    So I really would not worry and leave her to get on with what she wants to do!!
  • i wouldnt be worried atall hun. some babies like to be on thier feet and some dont they are all so different. if she is rolling and crawling then you ahve nothing to worry about. both of mine crawled jsut after they turned 8 months, so their is plenty of time yet. freya didnt roll until she was 9 months but crawled at 8 months and walked at 10 months, they all have their own likes and dislikes and their own order of doing things.
    she sounds like she is doing great. xx
  • Gabe didn't bear his weight until about 8 months...I think?!
    He's 10 months now and though he CAN roll both ways, he chooses not to, he doesn't like tummy time and he doesnt crawl or cruise. They are advanced in different ways - Late walker early talker and so on - this has been true in Gabe's case, he's a lil chatterbox xx
  • Tiger Lily - you are correct about the late walker, early talker. Like I said in my post above Charlotte's taking her time with standing by herself...BUT.. she's a chatterbox too. she'll try and copy what we say and sayd "derder" for dirty!! She says a lot more than my sister's 21 month old!
  • I think both early talking and walking certainly have their disadvantages lol!

    Though I do know some children who are both - Gabes lil cousin was walking by 1 year exactly so fairly early and he chats a lot and says 'what's this' when he points haha (he's 15 months - though it does sound a lot like 'wha deese' lol)
  • it may happen all of a sudden millie went through a stage of not wanting to stand only bounce hehe but now shes 6 months shes standing constantly! she has a ufo walker that she sits in that she scoots around in and also one she holds onto but when it moves she just stays there hasnt worked out she needs to move her feet hehe. i wouldnt worry she'll do it when shes ready image x
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