homemade gravy? & pigs in blankets!

do any of you ladies make your own gravy? as my oh is cooking xmas dinner and i want a nice simple recipe that he could use. any tips would be fab.

forgot to add about homemade pigs in blankets, do you just buy normal sausages and bacon for this?

Thanks xx

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  • Can't help with the gravy as I just use Bisto, but the pigs in blankets I get the little cocktail sausages, and wrap them in streaky (sp?) bacon.
  • yeh streaky bacon unsalted and little cocktail sausages.

    For gravy i use chicken or beef stock cube 1 of them and then 1 oxo cubes and then thicken with the granules and also add the chicken juives or beef juice to flavour it up abit xx
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