THE BIG MEET - confirmation and talk about CHARITY

hey girls!

just to confirm, the event will be held in birmingham and the 4th July (saturday) so please get the date in your diaries and book your time off work if needs be!

I wanted to talk about charity, because i'd love to make it a charity event, to give something back, and to make more of our meet. If we do manage to get funding of course from Prima or any baby companies to cover the cost of the venue etc, then we could each pay a small ish fee to get in which would go straight to the charity, could also have things like a raffle on as well? if we chose a charity i could speak to one of their representatives and ask if they'd like to get involved somehow, perhaps send somebody along to the meet.

What do you think of this idea? And what charity would you put forward?

I would nominate great ormand street hospital (GOSH) As it's a subject close to our hearts, being a childrens hospital? Also One of the BE members Lisa, her little girl has been in and out of that hospital all of her life and is recovering well now, so i think it'd be a good cause


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  • Hi Linzi
    I agree, GOSH is a great choice! xx
  • GOSH was going through my mind as I was reading through because of Lisa and Tiana, but maybe also Alder Hey Childrens Hospital in Liverpool??

    I will say you are doing an absolutely brill job with this!!!

  • thanks girls image i'm just so chuffed so many of you are up for it and that people are willing to travel, it's fab image you're ideas are all great too X
  • I like the idea of GOSH and Alder Hey. It would be nice to split it between the two as they both do important work.
  • god theres so many.
    childrens cancer charity
    action for children...
    sparks childrens charity
    express link up charity
    henry spink foundation
    kids out charity
    save the children fund
    children's society

    these are all for good causes in their own individual way....

    personally on an individual level I'd prefer to have money going to one linked to cancer as that is something that has blighted my family personally, but other than that I have no idea which one would be best to donate to!

    sorry not much help. Havent a clue which one to choose to nominate, but would mabye suggest we think about what sort of charity we want to donate to - one that looks after poorly children, one that finds new medicines and procedures to help them, or one that tries to further them and help them progress in other ways....
    a more well known one, or a lesser known one that might not get the publicity a larger one does...?

    (the henry spink foundation is also close to home as my family have learning difficulties and genetic disabilities)

    Good luck deciding which one, as at the end of the day they're all worthy of it.
  • gemzy - that's exactly what i was thinking hehe! freeeebies! well.. not exactly! what i'd thought was contact the likes johnsons or what ever, ask if they'd like to pay to put up a stand - that money would help us cover the costs of venue etc, then they can send somebody to sell stuff or give out advice or leaflets or freebies or whatever - more exposure from them, money for us!! feel free to get in touch with any you think of gemzy, hopefully i'll find the perfect venue very shortly. let me know if you do X
  • After more thought GOSH is still a good one. I also agree about Biss. Also Sparks is a good charity as it helps research into childhood illnesses. And there is CLIC Sargent - charity for children with cancer.
  • Hi girls I won't be able to make the meet but a charity close to me would be the Freeman Hospital Children Heart Transplant team as my nephew is currently being treated there and is awaiting a heart transplant, he is only 2 bless him.

    The Freeman hospital in Newcastle is one of only two hospitals (the other being GOSH) in the whole of the Uk that carries out heart transplants on children and the team there are so fantastic and so need money to help them. xxxx
  • GOSH sounds good to me, saved my brothers life many a time too! xx
  • GOSH sounds good to me, saved my brothers life many a time too! xx
  • I think sponsors would be good - info, advise etc and could help meet some costs.

    I would like to suggest Birm childrens hosp (but then aren't all children's hosps fab ?!)
  • I would also suggest BLISS as there are a lot of us on here who have had premature babies and had advice from them! I would love to say my hospitals Special Care Baby Unit for all the help they gave max but that is so localised which is why I thought BLISS?!!!

    We could always split between 2/3 or something??!
  • Hi Linzi, thanks for organising this, it cant have been easy.
    I really hope to come but just wanted to check if its intended to be mainly for Be ladies and kiddies or if we can bring oh's too?

    I think GOSH is a really good idea but also agree that splitting between that and Alderhay would be nice. Then it will sort of represent that we are coming from all over the country.

    I havent really read all the posts (sorry) as I was quite easy as to where and when but as some are travelling a long way has anyone thought of staying over? If theres a lot of us and its also a charity event we may be able to get cheap accomadation (from travel lodge for example) for a bit of advertising at the event? Dont want to add more to your long list of what to do but thought it may be worth considering.

  • donna - it appears most of us are bringing our OH's - the more the merrier i think! If OH's can't come then by all means bring a friend or family member for support with travelling as i know many are travelling from far and wide!

    One of my thoughts also was that if i manage to find a suitable hotel function room to hold the meet, knowing that the event is going to be a charity event and how far and wide we are all travelling - i hope to come to some sort of deal or arrangment with the hotel to get a discount or something!! we shall see!!
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