Anyone taken their LO swimming yet? I was thinking of going today., Am I stupid taking a 12 week old baby swimming on my own? Any tips? Not sure how you are supposed to get both you and baby ready at same time or baby rinsed of clorine? I'm going at mother and baby time...is that stupid too since all hte baby changing rooms will be busy or will it be good to meet other mums?


  • i took harri 1st time at 13 weeks and he loved it!
    1) when going into pool put your cossy on first then do lo
    when you get out dress lo first then you so they dunt get cold
    2) im just hold harri under the shower with me you could take some baby wash just to give him a quick shower.
    i went at mother and baby time yesterday and there are onlt 3 babyrooms if you have to wait just make sure u wrap lo in towel. they have toys in the pool at m and b time at ours and harri loves it! xxx
  • i took my lo at 12 weeks - he loved it!!! you cant stay in long as they do get cold very quickly in less you have one of those all in one things.. i just put on him the huggies little swimmers and some trendy trunks!! looked sooo cute!

    anyway i didn't go at babies time- went one afternoon around lunch as thought people would go b4 or after.. there was only about 3 people in pool!!! easy to get you both sorted there are cubicles with a pull down changing table like in tescos and places... i just put a towel on that got my slef sorted while he was quite happy looking around with dummy then i got him dressed was ok cried a bit! then there are straps you can do up on table so cant fall off whilst you pop stuff in locker... i took him thru wrapped in his towel and took mine aswell - then just put them on side by wear i was- lowered him in - they look very shocked and i think they like havinga good look round!!! but he was fine!! 2nd time he did cry but soon was ok and bobbed around!!!

    i did just hold him in the water and sat in the shallow part!!!

    but i went center parcs and so got one of those rings - he loved it think they are from 3 months to 18 months - get them in mothercare and john lewis about ??15 or bit cheaper!!!

    but then you dont have to worry about them slipping and they like kicking there legs........

    anyway go for it!!!

  • I really want to take lo swimming as she's nearly 5 months and she seems to like bath time. We put her on her front in the bath and she loves splashing! We are going to Center parcs in September (for my birthday!) so can't wait to get her in a pool, just not got round to it (poor excuse I know)!
    Question: At these mother & babies groups can dads go as well? My oh is very keen to take her swimming but he says everything is for mums & babies and sometimes he feels left out! Awwww!!
  • dads our welcome at ours! my sister came with me yesterday! xxx
  • I have taken my daughter since she was 10 weeks. I brought a baby snug (wetsuit) as they can get cold quickly at that age and some pools keep their temperatures a bit lower than others. She loves it and is now 6 months old and a dab hand in the pool! The trick with changing is get yourself ready first then your baby. When you get out, get your baby changed and out of her swin gear first as she will get cold quickly and when she is safely in her car seat, you can sort yourself out. Be warned that they can get very hungry afterwards if it is close to feeding time but the good news is they should sleep well!!
    Good luck and have fun. (You could book onto a class if you are not confident - they show you how to handle your baby in the water etc)
  • Hiya I think its a great idea to take LO swimming! Some people like to wait til los have had all their jabs first, but there's no reason why you can't

    I've taken Max every week for about 2 months now (he's 6 1/2 months) and he really enjoys it! At first he was just staring around at everything it was like an enormous bath!
    What I did was take him to a couple of "mum and baby" swimming classes to find out exactly what to do, then just took him on his own cos the classes tend to be quite expensive.
    As for getting changed, what I do is put Max's swimming nappy and swimsuit on under his clothes before we leave, also my cossie cos we don't live far from pool. Then take my clothes off, take lo's clothes off and we're in! Getting out, wrap lo in towel, get him changed then get myself changed and by the time we get home he's usually asleep!

    Have fun, you'll really love it! xxxxxxx
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