Constipated baby and hungry baby milk question!!

Hi everyone, my little boy is just over 5 months and is my 3rd baby. He has been on hungry baby milk since about 8 weeks old and has been fine, he is now on solids as was always hungry even being on hungry baby milk never happy between feeds etc so dicided to wean bit earlier. Trouble is now he's on solids he can sometimes struggle to poop, he goes purple & on occassion nothing comes out. He hasn't been destressed with it or anything but i cant help but think how uncomfortable his tummy must feel.

My question is should i stop using hungry baby milk now he's on 3 meals a day or will this unsettle him further?? He tends to sleep through most nights so dont want him to start waking again.
He actually doesn't always seem fussed with his milk (never has) he only takes about 4/5oz evry 5 hours or so. My other 2 babies both ended up on hungry formula too but loved their bottles & drained them so never come across this (they also never got constipated)

He has plenty of water with meals & when he struggles i give him fesh orange diluted slightly & he's now just started having half a weetabix for breakfast, so hoping that will help soften his poo.
I feel like being a 3rd time mummy i should know answer to my question but i dont!!!

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  • hi im a intervener(posh word for carer lol) and when i did some training they said weetabix can make it worse i dont really understand how but thats what they said i know that the way hungry baby milk works is to take longer to digest so maybe try normal milk i also was told when you change milk it can take a week to kick in also have you tried tummy massage you need to go clockways cause thats the way the bowel goesx
  • we switched to follow on from hungry baby at 6 months as he wasnt fussed about milk anymore and was on 3 good meals a day by then, it might be worth getting a few normal cartons of formula to try, otherwise we find certain veg gives LO a clear out esp carrots and spinich :lol: sounds like a trumpet after!
  • Thanks ladies, i'd never heard weetabix could make it worst i thought it'd help lol poor child will be bunged up soon!!!
    I'd heard about tummy massage so will give that a go.
    I am still unsure whether to change his milk as he was such a grumpy & unsettled baby when on the normal milk but im also torn because he has 3 meals a day so maybe the hungry baby is no longer needed.
    I orignally wasn't going to bother with follow on milk as had heard there was no point. Do you know if it takes as long to digest as hungry baby????

    Thanks Jx
  • i dont think it takes longer to digest, TBH the only difference its made for us is that he will take a whole 7oz bottle 3x a day instead of a few oz here and there, alternatively you could pop to the docs and get some lactulose for him which will soften his stool x
  • Thanks piggypops might keep going with this milk then untill he reaches 6 months then try the follow on, be lovely to see him actually finish a feed!!!!!
    If he continues to struggle with his poop then i will ask for the lactulose xxx
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