Have you tried magic blackout blinds (not gro ones)

Sent OH out for s travel blackout blind thinking he would bring the gro one home but he has brought the magic blackout blind.

Has anyone used these?

How have you found them?

I need to take them abroad on Tuesday, can they be folded and put in a suitcaseor would the crease not make them work as well?


K x


  • do you mean the static sheets of blackout? i have these and they are fantastic! we have them up at home as they completely black out the room, it is crucial to make them fit exactly to the glass otherwise the light floods in from the edges, ours came on a roll so when we went away we took the roll with us and cut it to size when we got there, to bring it home we just rolled it back up.

    Of course if you are refering to a completely different sort of magic black out then please ignore my rambles!

    Happy holiday x x
  • Thanks shocked mummy, thats exactly the ones I mean........OH is going to try and put them up tomorrow - I see what you mean about exact fit as I am neurotic about the slightest bit of light coming in!
  • It'll be fine over the winter, but have this myself and haven't put it up yet. I was wondering about opening the window when it's hot. Then it kind of fails completely. :\? xx
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