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Babys hand & footprints....

Hello Ladies,

I hope sumone can help me...

I would like to do my Daughters hand and footprints while shes tiny for her record book, i never done this with my 1st daughter and have always regretted it...I was wondering if anyone could recommend any kits that u can buy to do this easily? I looked briefly in Tesco the other day but couldnt see anything.

Thanx for any replys.


Laila 20days & Kasie 3yrs.

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  • Hi

    Ive seen the kits in mother care but i don't know if they are any good.
  • I brought a clay set from mother care and it was rubbish, they made no imprint at all and I would have had to push LOs hands and feet down really hard to make a mark, so it got binned.
    I got some poster paints (just a childrens set) from a stationary shop and did prints with this onto white paper, and then cut it to size to stick in babys memory book. The paint washed off his hands and feet easily, remember to do a patch test first, I told the shop assistant exactly what I was using the paint for so she made sure to give me one that was suitable.
    HTH x
  • We used the first impression kit from Mothercare, it was really easy to use - just make sure you roll it out to the right thickness for the frame. We did it when LO was 2 months old - I held her, OH made the impression, took all of 5 minutes then it dried it overnight.

    Hannah xx
  • I use the ink pads that you can get from art stores for stamping ( like hobbycraft or the range) we do Isabelle's prints in every card she sends for birthdays etc, using a water based paint can be really messy and she doesn't like it, but the ink is fab as it picks up every little line and detail, and you can get loads of different colours.

    It just wipes off with a baby wipe, dead easy! Pink shows up really well, as does lime green.

    As for impressions we got a kit as a gift, you just pressed the clay into the frame (it has a photoframe on the opposite side) and then held her hands in for 5 secs, and ours came our best of all our friends, but it was only a cheap kit, not a clue where it came from sorry! We put our fingerprints in too, just in the corners so if anything ever happened she can touch our fingerprint too.

    Bets XxX
  • p.s. her prints are in her baby book, she has room on the page for 3/4 sets, we did one at birth one the other week at nearly 6 months and will do one when she is 1!

    Bets X
  • Hi hun, i went into town and got macey's feet done in the all fired up ceramics shop do you know the one i mean?

    I painted her feet and stamped then on the plate and then got a proffessional write to write her name and date of birth round the edge of the plate, i also had her hands done for daddy's birthday and i have them up on the wall they are fab. Will be doing isabelle's aswell in a few weeks time for fathers day xx
  • Babiface in Sutton Surrey make ceramic hand and footprints.

    You can go to their studio or request a homekit to take the impressions yourself and send them back and they will make the ceramic from your impressions.


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