Tommee Tippee Easyflow cups - stupid question

Hiya, I got a TT easyflow cup thing for my 6m old but am flummoxed by it. How does the teat thing work? It's got a plastic sticky up bit attached to the cup lid which you then screw a teat thing onto, but it doesn't seem to let any water out. Am I being a complete numpty here? Should I be snapping the plastic sticky up bit off?

Hope I am making sense!!


  • I got a bit confused by it too, I just pulled the plastic thingy back and it lets a little out and if you pull it right back it lets a lot out
  • Is this the one where the screw in bit is yellow and quite hard (the ones where there is 1 free with the TT steralisers). If so I hate them with a vengence and so does LO. After trying to use it myself in the end this is how i think it worked. LO has to figure out how to bite down on the yellow bit really hard and then suck as well. They are not easy to use imo (and like i said iv tried to use them myself). LO used to just get fraustrated and throw it on the floor. The TT freeflow (cheep ones) we have found much better to use. Or we have a Nuby beaker with a soft training cup teat. This one does not leak when upside down or being shaken, and as the mouthpiece is soft it is easy for LO to regulate how much fluid he gets from it (depends on how much LO bites the mouthpiece if that makes sence). ALso have some cheepo ones from Morrisons that are freeflow ones but dont have handles. He also had a magicup (works on vaccums and suction) we cant use it as LO cant get it to work and mommy cant get the top off anyway.
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