cuddly toys on bed?

At what age is it safe to put a cuddly toy in bed with your lo? My 4 month old loves his little dog, but I'm nor sure about letting him have it in bed due to suffocation risks. What do you all think?


  • think i started about 5 months at end of cot but lo had like 12 cuddlies at bottom of bed and dolly in blanket with her
  • My lo is nearly 6 months and she has had cuddle toys in her cot since she moved into it about 6 weeks ago. She has a little rabbit toy, a bear holding a blanket, a soft book for in the mornings when she wakes up early, and she always has a muslin as well.
  • personally (not saying its right or wrong its up to you) but i wouldnt have soft toys on a young babues bed/cot. they attact dust mites and the furry material can be breathed in and all tags should be remved and if baby cant move the toy or himself away fromt eh toy then yes there is a risk of sufication.
    my 5 yearold has had lots of toys/cusions on her bed (she collects them, strange girly,lol) for about 2 years!
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