Baby Friendly holiday - advice needed

Hi girls, could you give me some advice, we are looking to book a holiday for next year when my little girl will be between 1 and a half and 2, but we dont really know where to go that would be fun for Emily and fun for me and my husband. We have considered Disney Paris but not sure if its worth the money or should we just try florida. Any suggestions home or away would be great!

Thanks Girls


  • i love disneyland florida and all the theme parks there to be honest and go most years coz i'm that sad lol however, i would not recommend taking a 1/2 year old. if you want to do that trip i'd wait until she's 6/7 to be honest as i remember going at that age and i was a total handful! there's just so much to catch your attention and make LO kick off if you don't do exactly what they want iykwim? xxxx
  • Thats what we thought so we were not keen to spend the money on such a expensive hol if emily wouldnt appreciate it.

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  • i honestly would wait. like i say i went the first time when i was 6/7 and all i had to say on the matter when i came home was that i wanted to live in sea world lol but i still feel like that to this day. i was young enough to enjoy 'meeting' all the mickeys/goofys etc and still believe they were real, but my mum did say if she could do it over she probably would've either done it a bit earlier 4/5 or waited til i was 7/8 and could've been trusted not to run off as much.

    i would say it definately worth it, it's magical as a child and my opinion hasn't changed in nearly 15 years! lol oh and if you do decide to go once LO is older, look into hiring a villa, it usually works out cheaper than a hotel if there's more than two people going,

    good luck finding somewhere family friendly xxx
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