BLW - Going Backwards !

DS has been BLW'd since he was six months. He is now 11 months and will pretty much only eat if he is spoon fed !!! He won't use his hands anymore (other than to pick food up off his tray and drop it on the floor - or to "sweep" everything off in one go!!!) and can't use cutlery.

I feel like we were doing so well but have now virtually reverted to the beginning - in fact - wasn't even the beginning for us as he didn't like being spoon fed when he was younger.

I really don't know what to do ... I feel like we have just gone backwards. And I can't see DS ever using cutlery or feeding himself.



  • I mostly went down the blw route at 6 months although alfie started eating purees, when he started refusing them we went onto finger foods. He is now doing the same. He still feeds himself some things but will eat much better if he is fed from a spoon.

    I didn't think Alfie would be able to use cutlery but i got him a baby set and i load the fork for him and he will do it himself now. So that might be worth a try. As long as he doesn't seem hungry and is still sleeping then maybe he doesn't need any more food.

    Alfie did used to be rather greedy but has slowed down alot recently so maybe they are just more capable of controlling how much food they really need the older they get. XX
  • Hi
    I'm affraid I have no words of wisdoom as we have only being BLW for a month. There is a BLW board on another site which is really useful -
  • Oh Hun ((()))
    Have you tried a fork? What about pre-loading it for him? Would he give that a go? A spoon's boring for them nowimage xx
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