Parental responsibilty agreement

Hi I was wondering if anyone could offer any Advice

I have decided to get a parental responsibilty agreement drawn up for my son and his step dad

I was just thinking if it would affect my maintenance payments from my sons biological father
any ones advise or personal experiences would be apreciated



  • From what I remember if you want your son's biological father to relinquish parental respnsibility he is therefore handing over his legal obligations of your son and therefor would not be responsible to pay maintenance.

    I live in Scotland so the law maybe different if you live in England

  • theres lot about it if you google it honey, i'm sure you'll find the right facts then

  • Yeah I tried googling it but there is no specific advise on maintenence and step parent pr

    My Sons bioligical father doesnt have any responsibility now but still pays maintenence so it must be slightly different in england. Its such a complicated subject. I just dont wanna call them because I dont wanna affect the payments as its for my sons future.

  • I am quite curious here so forgive me for being nosey. Are you setting up the parental responsibility so your partner has rights to your son or because your son has no contact with his biological father?
  • So that my partner has rights to my son. He has brought him up since he was two and now he is 10 and he needed an op on his toe and my partner wasnt allowed to take him or sign anything and it upset me as to me he is my sons father. It just dawned on me if anything was too ever happen to me my husband would have no rights over my son.
  • Oh i see. In that case yours son's biological father should still have to pay maintenance as he is not completely relinquishing his rights.

    My son is also not my hubbys. I would hate to think that if anything happened to me that my family would be split up


    Ps Meant to say have you tried CAB? I wouldn't call the CSA for advice either. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing in there
  • I never thought to try cab thank you for that. Il try and ring them tomorrow if there open.

    Yeah its a scary thought definately thats whats prompted me to look into this.

    I defo know what you mean about the csa they are truly clueless.

    thank you xx

  • As far as I know the biologica father of your son should continue to pay regardless of whether he has any parental responsibiity or contact with your son. Giving your partner parental responsibility via the agreement should not change this. I'm sure you can double-check this at the CAB. Also the CSA will be able to answer this. You don't have to tell them your details just call up and say you have a general enquiry.

    Good luck
  • I asked a solisitor about this and was told you could only do it if the bio father agrees and then yes he would be giving up ALL responsabilitys including financal ones!
    But please double check.
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