Does your LO sleep 12 hours at 2 months? also in born dec09


We put our son to bed at 7.30pm every evening, he' usually asleep 15 mins later or so. He sleeps like a dream till his midnight feed however has started to become unsettled when after his 4/5amam feed (he used to re-settle well at this time) where I have to keep going back to him. Whilst this is not an issue, when he does settle he only sleeps for 45 minutes - an hour and seems like he is ready to get up at 6am. Whilst I do get up at this time, should I try and get him back to sleep and get up ready for a 7.30am feed (12 hour day).

Will my DS in time sleep the 12 hours(as at minute, seems ready to get up at 5am). I've read that babies of 2 months sleep 10 hours in the night then 4-5 hours in the day. So would I be better in getting him up at 5am or having a later bedtime or re-settling him after each waking after 5am?

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  • My DS is 8+4 and goes down at 6:30ish pm, we wake him for a feed at 10:30 and from there he can go to anything between 2 and 5 am,after this he settles again until 7:30 although we sometimes have to use his dummy which he doesn't have for the rest of the night.

    I know a couple of ladies have replied to various posts on here that they use a dummy to get their lo's to the 7:30am feed when they wake earlier.
  • I wish!!

    At 2 months our son did most of his sleeping in the day and would still wake for 2-3 hourly feeds throughout the night.

    He didn't sleep through until he was 6 months!

    It sounds like you're doing a fantastic job and as I personally have always fed on demand I couldn't recommend any ways to help him sleep longer!

    I hope someone can help! x
  • Not a chance, my 10 week old is still up at least once, mostly twice during the night for feeds. He doesn't always settle back but I do try to leave him to it and it generally works.

    Praying that the sleeping through starts for us soon xx
  • My lo didn't sleep through until she was fully weaned!! Like your lo though, in the early months she had a habit of waking at about 5ish, I found she usually just wanted to cuddle, so at this point I'd bring her to bed with me and then we'd start the day about 7ish. 5am is far too early to be getting up for the day and if you start doing that, thats what your lo will get used to. You perhaps could try a top up feed to see if can resettle till 7ish.
  • Thanks for your replies - yeah 5am is too early and he'll get used to it so will try and delay him. I have offered feeds before at 4/5ish and whilst he has drunk a small amount, it often affects his first feed of the day. He has on a few occasions slept through from his midnight feed to 6.30 ish. I'll see how tonight goes and if he cries for food I'll give him a top up feed. I just hope he doesn't think it's time to get up, wants playtime and when I dont play, gets upset!!!

    I don't mind getting up in the night, I know that sleeping through will come soon, I mean they've come a very long way haven't they since theor early days.My god, what a shock to the system when he would wake up every 1-1.5 hours for a feed!!

    He's been feeding very well during the day today - let's hope he doesn't need that 4/5ish feed! LOL!

    P.S. When you refer to sleeping through do you mean the full 12 hours? I'm looking forward to sleeping from our bedtime to wake-up. At moment he has a midnight feed (which my hubby will sometimes wake him for) but once the 4/5ish feed is consistently dropped, we will move the midnight feed back to 10.30pm in half hour increments. I am wondering though whether we ought to wake DS to feed at midnight. He certainly enjoys that feed - drinking usually 6oz! Max he will do in the day is 5!

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