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my baby has an extra thumb

Hi My baby boy Alfie was born on the 13th of May 07, he was born with a extra thumb on his left hand.
My husband and i have decided to have the extra thumb removed and he is due to have surgery on Mon the 17th (not long now):?
Just wondering if anyone has gone through this procedure or their baby has the same condition.
Any advice would be greatful.


  • Hiya,
    I don't know if this will help, but my boyfriend was born with an extra finger on his right hand (25 years ago!) and his parents had it removed, however his fingers were also 'webbed' together so he had 2 trips to surgery in the end. However his hand functions just like his other hand. One of his fingers are slightly bent and his other hand is stronger but it has never been an issue with him. He's a chef so he uses his hands alot and never complains of pain/discomfort etc. The doctors/nurses will give you lots of advice aswell so don't be afraid to ask questions if you are still concerned, but I'm sure everything will be fine.

    I hope this helps xxx
  • hi
    i used to look after a little girl who had extra digits on her hands and feet. the feet were operated on quickly after birth and it just left like a crease in the bottom of her feet, very neatly done. the hand digits were like sacks of fluid and at nursery they kept getting knocked, bleeding, weeping and eventually became infected. she had a rough time and wen she was about 10 months the doc just cut them off!! with scissors!! she will always have a little wart like lump but they can do wonders. her feet were done very well.
    may be worth finding a big pair of gentle mittens to prevent rubbing and irritation when and after healing..? sorry not much more help

    wishin ur lo all the best 4 procedure.

  • Thanks for the advice. x
    I cant believe that the doctor just cut them off with a scissors, that must have hurt! Poor girl. My little boys extra thumb has a bone and nail just like his other thumb but just smaller. They say the opp will only take about an hour and that there will be a slight scar which will fade in time but other than that every thing should be fine, which i'm sure it will be. Just cant help but worry though! xx
  • Hi All,
    Just to let you know Alfie had his opp this week on the 17th. we had to be down the hospital at 8am and he went down for surgery at 1.15. He had his last bottle at 8.30pm the night before it was horrible not being able to give him any food or milk but he was not too bad.
    The opp went well, he now has a big bandage on his hand which has to stay on for 3 weeks so i have yet to see what it looks like with the extra thumb gone.
    He also had his toung tie released. he was great after the opp eating and drinking like normal, it did not seem to bother him at all.
    cant wate now for bandage to come off to see the end result.
  • hi,was just reading through this forum an just wanted to say glad alfies op went ok,hope he well. becky xx
  • get well soon alfie, what a brave little boy xxx
  • hi just read ur post and my little girl was born in march 07 and was born with an exter little finger she had it off 4months after she was born they only numbed her hand it was only hanging with a bit off skin but had a nerve and vain init was ur little boys thumb actually attached?
  • Hi My baby boy Alfie was born on the 13th of May 07, he was born with a extra thumb on his left hand.
    My husband and i have decided to have the extra thumb removed and he is due to have surgery on Mon the 17th (not long now):?
    Just wondering if anyone has gone through this procedure or their baby has the same condition.
    Any advice would be greatful.

    Same here he just had surgery 9.21.10 and it was a success he will have to wear a cast for 6 weeks, the thumb will be slightly smaller than the other hand but its better than having the extra thumb. image
  • my son is going in tuesday to remove his. He is 18mos and will need a cast. How was you kids after surgery?
  • Hello, My son had an extra thumb on both of his hands. He had them removed at 8 months old. I was a nervouse wreck but every thing went Great. He looked like he had two broken arms, he had casts up to his elbows on both arms and people would give us dirty looks. He also had extra bones which they left. He is now 9 yrs old, he has scars but I am so glad we decided to have them removed.
  • My son was born with an extra thumb actually growing off of his thumb on his right hand. It had a bone and finger nail. He was born 2008 and had his surgery in 2009. Surgery went great he is 3 years old now and still has to wear a splint every night to try to help straighten his nail on his thumb. Don't really know how the extra thumb came about

    (doctors say that it runs in mine or my husbands family but we don't know of anyone that has ever had this).. Surgery is scary for anyone and especially when it is your child but i would recommend having this done at a very young age so they won't remember what happen.
  • hi i was born with a extra thumb on my right hand and they removed it when i was young i was left with a scar where stitches were. i had no problems with it since i am now 40 hope this helps
  • Hi

    This sounds like what my son has, an extra thumb attached to his right thumb which has a bone and a finger nail, he has his op on Friday this week, so scared and feel really bad as im making the desicion for him, hes almost 11 months how old were your guys babies when they had there ops?
  • I was born with an extra thumb. My mother had it removed when I was a baby. My extra thumb fit perfectly with the thumb it was attached it, had bone and nail as well. Around 11 I had to have another surgrey because the doctors left a little piece of bone which grew as I did. My thumb works normaly although it is a little smaller.i do have a scar but is not that noticable. I wish you all the best and im sure everything will be fine. I am now 19 and live a perfectly normal life with a successful career. Prayers out to everyone.
  • hi everyone!!!my littel baby boy was born with an extra thumb just two month ago on his right hand,he had a bone and nail.i was shoked,becouse never seen anythink like that,we decide to remove it.he will have an operation in 2013 dont know how to keep this in secret till operation will be done,maybe i  should say a thru to my family,i need your advice guys,really looking forvard for it,THANK YOU!

  • Hi there, my daughter was born 6 weeks ago and has the extra thumb on her left hand, we were expecting this because it is in the family. My cousins son also had the extra thumbs as well. We have the app with the surgeon in two weeks, will be interested to when the surgeon wants to operate. The extra thumb has bone and a nail and is joined to the other thumb but has separate bone. My only concern is what happens to the bone after surgery, does it stop growing when removed? Appreciate any feedback! Thank you
  • Hi, my son was born with an extra finger on his thumb. His thumb is smaller than the other one. His had bone attached in it and he has surgery when he was 1 years old. He is 5 years old now fine and it works fine. He also has a slight double ear lobe that they would not fix. My heart goes out to anyone who has had this or much worse happen to their baby. I have been blaming myself for 5 years for mistakes I made during my pregnancy. My sister had a clef lip and palet but I do not know of anyone in my family ever having this. God please bless these babies, make their lives normal, and let these things go un noticed.

  • My son is 6 months old and has an extra thumb on the left hand, it has bone and a cute little nail, we`are waiting for a date for his surgery, any ideas on how long we could be waiting ?


  • Tilli_89

    My son also has an extra thumb with a nail and a bone.  We ended up seeing a specialist when he was 6 months old and his surgery is scheduled for next week (he is now 8 months).  They wouldn't see us until he was 6 months old because they wouldn't do surgery before then.  His case turned out to not be as complicated as originally thought because his thumb has a bone but it doesn't connect to the rest of his hand.  We also probably got lucky because we are very near a large children's hospital.

  • Hi there know this was a few yrs ago just wondering how u got on? My son has just had this done aswell so lookin 4 advice n wonderin if urs needed an extra opp as was told once they remove his extra thumb he may need another ca's it may come out of position x

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