Hi I'm Louise, mum to 3 month old Ciaran. I'm new to this site and was wondering if anyone else had a baby who seems to be sick for fun in the heat.


  • Hi Louise,

    Welcome to PP. I am Pauline, mum to Bethany age'd 9 and Rowen age'd 7, ttc number 3.
  • Hi louise, i'm sarah mum to jd nearly 5 months, will chat soon x
  • Hi Louise, welcome to pp, I'm Tasha and mummy to Ethan and Amber.

    I'm not sure if i can really answer your question but i know ethan did suffer with heat rashes in first summer. It might be something you should just check out with your health visitor.

    Hope to chat more soon xxx
  • Hi, Welcome to PP.

    I'm Karen and mami to 7 month old Hollie. Hollie seems to overheat and cry an awful lot in this weather but i dont know if it is just teething.

  • Hi Louise
    Welcome to the site.

    Im Emma mum to Riley 3.
    Riley overheats in this weather to,if its to hot all he does is sleep.Go see you HV or DR if your worried.

    Chat soon.
  • Hi Louise,

    I'm Sarah and ttc#1

    Sorry I cant give you any advice but wanted to say Hi and welcome to PP x
  • Hi Lou, welcome to PP. Hope you enjoy popping on for a chat, come to the Lounge forum (bottom of the list) and chat about anything you fancy, everyone is really lovely. So pleased you are here! N. xxx
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