Periods after pregnancy

Well I was still bleeding at 7 weeks from the birth so that then rolled in to my first monthly. So I did'nt stop till 8 weeks.
Does'nt it take a little bit longer for them to return to normal if you are breatfeeding though?


  • Well i cant talk as i was pregnant just after milly was born, but i continued having my periods. so i didnt know about the pregnancy till 18 weeks.

    if you are BF then you will be longer having periods, or it may take longer for them to come back, but be prepared for a big one if you havent blead much after the op (sorry TMI)

    I would speek to a GP or NHS direct could be a good place to start. I keep stocked up on pregger tests, even when ive had a light period i check.
  • I still havent had a af since having Hollie. I cant really remember how long i was bleeding for after having her, i think it was about 4 weeks. It seems so long ago lol.
    I was hoping to have a af when i started her on solids as that is what people have told me normally happens. When they start sleeping through or eating solids, because you arent feeding as much you get back to normal.
    It would be so nice to get back to normal thoug so i know where i am.
  • I bled for 8wks after riley,i did have surgery and didnt think i had anyleft tbh,but i was very light and got away with normal thin towles,i was bf to tho.

    Everyone is different and like the girls say if your worried get it checked.
  • when i heard that your most fertile in the month after givng birth i never let my partner near me!!!!! when my cousin was breastfeeding she never had any periods till she stopped feeding them all together
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