Post-Natal Depression

i felt worse on the first set of anti depressants that i was given than before i had them! your body takes a couple of weeks to get used to them, if the side effects havent stopped by then go back, there are loads of different types you could be prescribed. i had fluoxetine and had to have it changes to ciprilex as it made me feel worse and to top it off gave me the shits (sorry for the too much information!!)


  • Hi katielou, its good you have had it diagnosed and that your getting some help, i'm afraid i can't offer any advice really except your more than welcome to chat and talk about anything as that will help alot. Sending you a big hug and hope to chat soon x x
  • Hi Katylou

    I have never sufferen from pnd but like mel has said we are all here if you need a rant or chat.
    Take care and chat soon.

  • I ahd PND and it took a good 3-4 weeks for the side effects to calm down i found my sessons with a councillor helped so rant away all you want getting it out in the open helps loads promise.
  • Hi,

    I have never had PND, but would just like to echo what the others have said, if you ever need a chat we are always here to chat to. I'm sending you a bug hug, and remember we are here when you need us. xx
  • Hi KatieLou, i thought i'd already replied but i hadn't so HELLO!!!

    I'm sorry you're having such a hard time, i'm afraid i can't offer you any advise as i haven't been in your situation but it sounds like you're trying to do everything you can to get yourself better. I think it's wise to give the tablets another week or so judging by what the others have said, they take time to work and as you say you'd like to continue breastfeeding tey do seem the better option.

    However if you do have to take the other tablets and stop feeding, don't beat yourself up about it. You've given Lara 9 months of breastmilk whuich is absolutely fantastic and you'd be stopping breastfeeding to give her a happy and healthy mummy so it's still the best thing for your daughter.

    We're all here to listen whenever you need, we're often chatting in the lounge too.

    Take care xxx
  • Hi KatieLou

    I think that what you are going through, each mother puts her self throu it at some point, not to belittle what you are feeling, but just to let you know that you're not the only one feeling like that.

    I have a low iron count that makes me feel really tired, and achey painey, and get really short tempered with just about everything. I tend to take it out on Milly though, shouting at her and not spending the quality time with her that I know she needs. All I can focus on is that she wont remember this time of her life, I just need to get past the next few months of the twins not sleeping in the night and things will be ok.
    But despite all this, my OH cant see that I need extra help during my illness. Men are just insencitive to what we need. Without telling them every single thing that you need them to do and congratulating them on small acheivements, they just dont get it.

    I found that talking about the things that worried or concerned me helped with my pnd. Given that my OH wouldnt take on board that all I needed was for him to tell me it would be ok in the end, I got that reassurance of other mums and accepted that there are things that I cant change about him, and just to get on with things as best I can.

    I do feel like I am a single parent as he still has his old life etc and I have given up everything for being a mum. He gets all the fun times, giggles and cuddles, and all i get are the messy jobs. But my time will come, and thats what I have to focus on.

    Like the other mums said, dont beat yourself up with possibly having to stop BF. You have given your DD the best start in life possible. I have a friend that asked for Anti-d's that didnt go into the BMilk, and ended up having a fit in the middle of the night. Turns out she cant take anything else as they all have that side effect. Give what you have another week or so to get fully into your system. And even if it feels trivial, talk about whats getting you down, even if its a daily post 'today I am feeling crap because ...' I know it helped for me, and we can help you through most situations.

    Right must feed my babies now... argh, I hate routine.

    Take care

    PS sorry for the marathon post, just letting you know we're here.
  • Hi Katie Lou, welcome to PP, I have taken anti d's in past following my marriage break up, you do need to give them time to work unfortunately, and when it is time to come off them, not to stop taking them suddenly as well. We are always here, if you look in the lounge, we are always putting weird and wonderful posts on about our days, our families/partners and anything and everything. As its good to get it off our chests and makes us feel better we usually end up smiling. So do talk to us whenever you need a rant. Take care, your daughter looks lovely!
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