Bike seats.

A couple of weeks ago when down my parents house, Hollie went for a ride on my mothers bike. She has a bike seat on the back, and Hollie loved it.
I would like to get one for my bike because i dont drive so thought it would be nice to be able to go out further than we can walk. All the seats i have seen though state that they are suitable for babies 9 months plus. She is nearly 8 months and sits up really well, but the problem is when she falls asleep.

She fell asleep on the way back from our ride, and this meant her head dropped and it didnt look very well supported. Has anyone seen any seats with a head support?

Failing that, my sister has a trailer that my mum got her for her boys which she hardly ever used. I'm not sure what ages they are but would think they are for a lot older as they cant be supervised in there.

Anyone used a baby seat before or does anyone know anything about them?


  • i know thay are suitable from when your baby can hold their head up and you must have a helmet on the baby, i think those trailer things have a harness in them like a pushchair
  • I have just had a look on the net, and most sites say that they are suitable from 6 months and when the baby can hold their head up.

    I'm not too sure though as all the ones i have seen dont have a head support so if she falls asleep her head will wobble. I wonder if they do them in a reclining position so her head shouldnt fall??!!!
  • Hi Karen

    Just googled for you and it came up with this
  • Oh sorry, just realised its from 12months
  • My mate has one on her bike for her little girl, there is no way I would use one in this area with all the tourists driving around like maniacs!

    My mates little girl loves it and spends the entire journey waving at anyone and everyone like she is royalty!!

    Make sure you have a helmet too, there is nothing worse than seeing a baby protected but not the parent.
  • Hi Karen, at Center parcs the trailers which go behind your bike are from 6months, I think they look quite good as she would be sheltered in there from wind/cold but they are obviously quite big to store and I think they are quite pricey. The seats which go on the back are from 12months as far as im aware. Great idea though, I don't think I could still ride a bike, be a great way to keep fit and exercise with your lo though.
  • Thanks Simone, i found something similar earlier where the seat reclines. Hopefully if the seat reclines then that would mean if she does fall asleep her head should be supported.

    Caroline thats a shame you cant ride with Bronwyn. Mam and Dad didnt have a car until 10 years ago so we used to cycle everywhere. I remember mam taking me to brownies in the bike seat. I was small as a child so still fitted in there despite being old enough to ride, but it was a 6 mile round trip.

    Nicola thanks, i thought they were for older children. The cost wont matter as my mother said i could have the one she bought my sister. Her boys are too big for it now, and mam spend £100 on it but my sister only ever used it about 5 times. The storage is something we will need to suss out though, the garage is packed already.
  • Karen, I would feel like I was putting Bronwyn in danger on the roads round here. Maybe I am just paranoid but bearing in mind for 6 months of the year we have 1000's of tourists who drive like maniacs and think they own the roads, I often witness terrible driving and near accidents.

    We have no cycle lanes around here either.
  • we have a lot of boy racers round here, that is what has put me off getting one, if i get hit i will fall off but isaac would be strapped in a seat so if the bike went over the roof so would he. im very suprised there hasnt ben a serious accident at the top of my street, it is really bad
  • Claire, it is the same here and I would never forgive myself if anything happened to my precious little girl! We also attract motorbikes during the summer weekends, they race up and down along with the boy racers.

    Gareth bought me the car when i was pregnant with bronwyn based on the safety rating and safety features, basically its the got the best rating possible.
  • Caroline it is such a shame though that mindless people mean you can not enjoy doing something. We are lucky i suppose because there are places where we could go so that we are safe to ride.

    There are also a couple of cycle lanes heading into the town but not sure i would like to go that way on a bike.
  • i can highly recomend the trailor for the back of the bike,

    we had one for robert when we went to centre parcs

    and its fab we plan on getting one

    they dont come with head suports but im sure theres a way around that

    not that u can tell in this pic, but he absolutly loved it!
    specially when mart went fast hehe
    i particularly loved the sheilds - a net to keep bugs out and a rain one too - which we had to use a few times:(

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