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becs Im sorry your friend has been like this. I do think people get so wrapped up in their weddings I know by best friend is exactly the same at the mo!!! I hope I don't get like that. Hopefully she will see that she has been a bit ott and apologise. If not you should tell her how upset you are.


  • ooooh id be really pissed at that, wedding or no wedding if its meant to be your best mate she could at least pretend to care! the word bridezilla comes to mind. sorry but i would have to say something to her
  • Hi Becs
    Your best mate is well out of order. Mine tends to tell things as they are but she would never do anything like that! She should be more supportive towards you after having a baby rather than being a monster over a dress!! So what if you had been pregnant?? Don't give her any money!! Wait for her to call you, if she doesn't then maybe you should text or write her a note telling her how she has made you feel. She may be so wrapped up in her wedding that she hasn't thought about you or your feelings.
  • Becs sorry to hear that you have been treated like that. I too think that it was a bit much for her to go on at you like that.
    I hope she sees sense soon and calls you with an apology, she may well not have meant to say what she did. Like the others have said people do get wrapped up in their weddings and so others suffer.
    Hopefully once you have both cooled down she will apologise to you and it will get sorted.

    I hope Reece is ok, do they just monitor the fluid and his nails from now on? Did the rest of his check up go ok?

  • Becs thats awful, she shouldn't of done that i agree with the others. Some people do get caught up in thier own life sometimes and don't think about others as much. Jd had ingrown toenails too and they sorted themselves out, glad he's ok tho x
  • Hi becs,
    Sorry to hear that you are down, if you have got a bit of pnd then best friends like that don't help! i'm sure she has her reasons and is probably quite stressed at the moment but she should remember that you really have only just given birth! I'm sure she will realise how badly she has reacted.

    On the issue of pnd - feel free to talk or pm any time, i'm sure many of us know how you are feeling - i definately do. My health visitor was fantastic and still is!

    Take care x x
  • bless you thats not fair how are you now
    from jade
  • Bec's thats not very friend like,when i was getting married my best friend told me just before her wedding in july that she was preggers,she was also going to be my bridesmaid at my wedding in the aug,she had just spent out on getting her dress maid and last fitting done when she had a growth spert and had to begg her dress maker to put a back pannel in to accommandate her bump.She felt so bad that she was going to cancel being my bridesmaid as she didnt think she would fit in the dress i had brought her.I told her i would have it altered for her but luckly i had got it a size bigger than her and it fitted,we checked it at her wedding.

    Why does this stop you being a bridesmaid,its not a big problem.

    Like the others,wait for her to call you,and no a friend should never do a thing like that,she obviously is to wrapped up in her own little world.(sorry)
    Best of luck.

  • Hi Becs,

    I'm afraid I'm with the others, your friend doesn't sound so friendly. Try and let it go over your head for now and sit back and see what happens.

    You have a great bunch of cyber friends who are always here.

    Take care, xx
  • Thats great you've sorted it out. Glad your feeling a bit better too x
  • Glad you're sounding better becs, and glad that your friend has calmed down and apologised. x
  • Glad all is well.xx
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