Hi all its charlies 1st birthday tomorrow in hevean i'm so sad i really am struggerling with it , i've bought some wind catchers and a helium ballon but its nothing is it ,
i'm so sad my poor baby i feel so guil;ty he's not here
we have bought some chinese lanterns too top send off to him , i hope he has a happy angel birthday and knows my heart breaks every time i think of him
i'm having his foot print tattoed on my foot on tuesday so every step i take he takes with me ,
love and miss u always my darling boy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Hi. I found the build up to my daughter's 1st birthday really difficult but it was perfect. We visited her grave and left beautiful flowers, released pink balloons, and had pink cup cakes for her. It was an emotional day and I was really wobbly for a week afterwards but then I felt a cloud lift. I hope that Charlie's day is perfect for you and that you too feel brighter in the days that follow.
    George, x
  • Hi,
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, it's a day i'm dreading too next month. I think everything you have done sounds lovely. As long as you have love in your heart for your little boy that is all he needs. Be strong tomorrow xx
  • Will be thinking of you and your angel tomorrow. We have Darceys footprints tatooed on us, I also have her name with two interlocked hearts on my wrist( just small) and I'm really glad I got them done. Big hugs xx

    I will blow some birthday kisses up to Charlie xx
  • Hi Vicki, just to let you know i'm thinking of you and your special angel baby, Charlie.
    It will be Ryans 1st birthday next month and to be honest I don't think anyone will even know apart from me and Darren. I so wish he was here as I know you do with Charlie. All our angel babies are so loved and missed.
    Happy 1st Birthday Charlie.
    Look after yourself and little Ella, Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Kathryn xxx
  • I hope the day was ok for you & the tattoo is a success. xxxx
  • thanks all for yr kind words monday was very tough , but i got threw it , i've had his foot print and its beautiful and i love it at least now he can also walk in my foot steps xxxx
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