Thought i should say hi

So hi. lol
well im jenny, i have one child, Dominic who is 6months old. cant believe were it has gone. im currently studying for my GCSE's, but im rather bord lol.


  • Hi Jenny,

    Welcome to PP - I'm Sarah and currently ttc#1.

    Hope to chat to you soon.

  • hello there jenny,
    i'm samiha, mum to seif, 9 months. i'm from cairo, egypt and so never get to meet all the other pp girls however, everyone here is extremely helpful so you'll definitely find loads of advice and tips.
  • Hi Jenny,

    Welcome to PP. I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte. PP is a great site and a fab way to get advice from other mums or just make friends and have a chat or a moan.

    Good luck with your exams. How are you finding them so far?

    Take care, hope to chat soon. xx
  • Hi Jenny, I'm Sally.

    I'm expecting twin girls in October.

    Look forward to chatting to you.

  • Hi Jenny

    Welcome to PP!!!
    I'm Dawn, mum to Cameron who's 13 months.

    Good luck with your exams!!

    Look forward to chatting more soon xx
  • hey, zoe, the main bulk of exams start 2 morrow, got 6 this week i think, shud b ok i think.
  • Good Luck for this week

    Let us know how you get on x
  • Hiya welcome to pp and good luck with your exams! x
  • Hi ya
    Im Emma mum to Riley 3,best of luck with your exams(dont stress to much)
    Look forward to chatting sometime.

  • Hi Jenny, welcome to PP!! Hope the exams are going good??
  • Hi Jenny,

    Welcome to PP and good luck for your exams. I'm Karen and mami to Hollie xx
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