post-natal depression

Hi all i have got post-natal depression have had it since my eldest was born 5yrs ago and have got it after every child i was wondering that if i was having a bad day which bit of the forum would be the best place to go as i am new to this i thought i would ask thank you for your help with this and thank you for your posts on the hi everyone that i posted last night hope you can send me in the right directions



  • hi i'm kirsty mum to izzy and i think you have coped so well, to have suffered from pnd for as long as you have must makr life really tough. going on places like this help wonders tho (i had pnd for over a year with izzy and it wasn't till she was ventilated from a serious illness that my feelings for her changed) any general posts i tend to put in the lounge section but it doesn't really matter as we'll all c them no matter where you put them!!
    how's your day been today??
  • ive had pnd after all 3 of mine 2. the best place is the lounge, we rant over lazy other halfs, bad days, hairy legs,old people and generally anything that is bugging us at the time! look forward to you joining in!
  • Hi Emma
    Like the others say your a trooper for coping for so long,i havent suffered with pnd but can only imagen the stress.

    The lounge is good but like its already said anywhere posted will be seen.
  • hi Emma, the lounge seems to the be the place for all our weird and wonderful chats! But no post ever goes unanswered. Welcome to pp it is the best place!!
  • Hi emma i'm sarah, mum to jd. You'll find pp very supportive and very addictive too. The girls are all great. Will chat soon x
  • Hi Emma!
    Welcome to PP! Sorry but I am no help on PND but will happily chat about anything!!!

    Look forward to chatting to you soon!!
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