Lexi's life so far.......

Hi all,

Lexi appeared at 28 weeks gestation. Never been given a reason why! Sure she just decided she should be here! My waters broke at 27 weeks and into hospital i went, dr's decided after a few days i was developing an infection and proceeded to induce me. 2 hours later i had a beautiful little girl. Eye's wide open and taking everything in! Lexi was taken to intensive care and ventilated. By the time i had a bath and a cuppa and got down to icu she was off the ventilator. Still very scary with wires evrywhere and alarms bleeping all around. After 2 weeks in icu 60 miles away she was transferred to our local special care unit to grow big. We were very very lucky as there wasn't much wrong for by a heart murmur, umbilical hernia and reflux. All of which have thankfully disappeared!! Spent 6 weeks in scbu and came home 4 weeks before my due date. Once home we had a huge fright after her first lot of immunisations. Stopped breathing, turned blue etc Straight back to scbu and they decided the jabs and a bit of anemia were just too much for her. Stayed in for 5 days in which time she had a blood transfusion. Lexi was like a little tomatoe after. There's been no looking back since. Born at 2lb 3oz, came home at 5lbs and today after appointment with paed she is now 11lb 3oz. Doing great, absoloutly thriving. Started rolling from belly to her back on monday night. Thinks she's great (she is! haha) Started solids 2 weeks ago and is loving it. Fruit for lunch and veg for dinner. Can push herself up etc Sleeps through. Really contented, very alert, just alittle diamond! Sooooo proud of her. Paed was thrilled with her and said she is really early at rolling etc. All development is taken from her due date rather than birth date so that makes her 12 weeks!
After delivery, i was put on to a triple course of iron for 6 weeks and just before Lexi came home i was started on vitimin B12 injections. One every 3 months and i'm only 26!! I have never been given a reason or explanation for the waters breaking so early. I have my own thoughts and i will be surprised if it had nothing to do with me being so anemic! It was never picked up. I was due a blood test the day after my waters broke so presume it would've been picked up then!! Too late!! I will be requesting an app with a consultant sometime to find out!
Anyway, i thank my lucky stars everyday, so far so good, hope it continues..


  • Wow. Another amazing story.

    Lexi sounds like she is doing very well indeed so keep it up Lexi.

    How are you? Has it all sunk in with you? It must of been hard at times.

    Take care, xx
  • What a fab story!!
    Lexi must be a real fighter, love the name!!!

    You are right to be proud of her!!!
  • WOW,she's a trooper and you are to for going throught it all.Good luck with your appt and hope you get some answers.
  • i choose lexi for if isaac was a girl! we had no answers for why my son was stillborn, we dont know if that is a good or bad thing as it means it could have just been a 1 off freak thing or it could be something that could happen again. glad shes doing so well! and i hope you get answers
  • Wow, what a story!!!
    You must be so proud of your brave little girl!
  • What a little fighter! No wonder you're so proud.
    Hope you get some answers from your app. Good luck x
  • Hi,

    She is lovley and glad that she is doing well.

    My daughter was prem and spent time in SCBU, know how that feels.

    Thanks for sharing your story.
  • thats excellent lexi is doing so well she is amazing x x x
  • Wow what a story - glad Lexi is doing well - she looks so cute
  • What a story! glad you are both doing well! welcome to PP x x
  • Hi everyone,
    Thank you all very much for the lovely reply's. Great forum & great girls! Very welcoming. Here's a couple of pic's of Lexi back then at 2lb 3oz and right now 11lb 3oz.




  • So tiny, but so cute back then and she looks really bonnie now. You must be very proud.
  • wow she was tiny,and now looks very cheeky.
  • What a beautiful little girl, and what a fighter too! Love the pics and so nice to keep for her when she's older to show her how special she is x
  • lexi is very cute! x x
  • She was so tiny, bless her, and now she has a very cheeky look about her.

    Gorgeous little girl. xx
  • What a little fighter you have, that is an amzing story. I am so pleased she has made it through and she is really gorgeous. xx
  • wow what a story and gorgoeus photos she's a very lovely little girl and i'm pleased she's doing so well xx
  • What a gorgeous little girl!!!!
    I can't believe how tiny she was, she's doing so well!!
  • OH WOW lexi was soooo tiny and shes sooo gorgous!! a right cutie pie
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