Big 'but cute' Baby

I had an 11lb 12.5oz girl, we were told that she would be 12lb 10oz!

She went straight into 0-3 and at 9 months is in 12-18 months and probably won't be for much longer!!!! I haven;t had her weighed for a while!

I was the same and ate healthily during pregnany. Bronwyn is also a lot taller than she should be, and was 8cm taller than average at birth!!!


  • Hi there,

    My little girl is 2 but in 3-4 clothes and is about the same weight as her 5 year old brother. She too doesn't eat junk, but she has a good appetite. She eats loads of fresh fruit and veg compared to Jack who's diet is very limited. She is too very active and I worry at times, but so many people say it's good to see a healty looking child, not a skinny one.

    If you are at all worried get him checked out by the doctors for your peace of mind.

    Take care, xx
  • I missed this one.
    Hi Fiona and welcome.

    Im Emma mum to riley 3.He was born 8lb 1oz.His currently weighs 2st 11lb but has to be checked regulary as he is boarderline overactive thyriod.
    (i have underactive thyriod).

    Hope to chat soon.
  • madi was 8lb 11.5oz and now shes 26lb 14oz and shes only nearly 14months. And we've been told by health visitors that shes too tall.
    As long as he's happy and healthy theres nothing to worry about is there?
  • That is mad!!!!! Too tall, where did the hv get that from!!!!!!!
  • That's ridiculous!!!! How are you meant to stop her growing?!

    Lol Mel!!!
  • Look at ur LO's proportion rather than the numbers - if he looks in good shape then no worries. My boy was 9lb 7oz at birth and is now 21lb at 6 months. He's about 75 cm long and very, very strong. Looking at the centiles associated with those numbers then it might look like he's an 'overweight' baby but I defy anyone to look at him and give him that label! Babies are what they are - numbers be damned! image
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