need help plz

hi all am new to this thing so bare with me cos am not very sure what to do i am trying to fink of a name so i can remeber the baby i lost am going to get a angel ornament in remeberance all so when me and my fella try agen which i fink will be soon any ideas that may help things move along faster would be very greatful for thanks .x.x.x


  • Hi, do you know if the baby was a boy or a girl? why dont you have a little box maybe with bits in that you had brought for the baby, maybe poems in it 2, so you can open it and have a look as and when you need to. we have 1 with our sons bits in
  • Oh bless you, my heart reallu goes out to you. I think you're right to want to give your baby a name, i hate referring to the one i lost as 'it', when i was carrying 'him' (just what i believe the baby was) we used to say 'pip' and that name has stuck even now 4 years later!

    The idea of the ornament is lovely too xx

    You may well find you concieve quite quickly, i spent 10 months trying for the baby i lost and only 3 months to concieve ethan! a doctor told me this is because a mature womb (one that has already conceived) is more likely to concieve and keep hold of a baby again! So y best advice is to spend sometime looking after yourself and see what happens in the eantime!!

    Wishing you lots of luck xxx
  • I have a rememberance box too. I have a poem, photos and other bits in it for the baby daughter I lost. Naming your baby is a good idea. We named a star after Jessica, this might be an option for you or planting a tree in a garden.
    Bless you and hope you cab be and stay strong.
  • thank you all so much i didnt reli know wot sex the baby was but we wanted it to b a girl cos we had a special name for it but we dnt want to use that name because wen we do have a baby n it is a girl we wish to call it that we didnt have pictures or anythink lyk that it sounds lyk a such a good idea but because i was only lyk 6 to 8 weeks we really didnt get anythink so the box would be pretty much empty but thank you very much xxx
  • They tree/plant or a star may be better idea for you then Sam.
    Take care.
  • hi i have seen a ornament i reli lyk so am going to get that n also going to write a poem .x.x.x
  • That sounds lovely, i hope it helps you xxxx
  • i think it will yes and i think the baby going to be called alex insted of us calling it it i feel so much better xxx
  • you could try and find a plant with the name alex in it, my mum and dad have a plant called 'little prince' in memory of my son leighton
  • that's a nice idea claire xx
  • thats a great idea but am no good at gardening lol i i wudnt want it to die on me xxx
  • neither am i thats why its at my mum and dads!
  • well i still live with my mum and dad so i wud see it alot i looked at the internet but cnt find anything with alex in so i myt get a nice rose plant or sumthink n my dad can take care of its needs xxx thanks
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