laying my baby to rest tomorrow :-(

My baby boy Dexter was born in 30th September at 28w + 2, but died 2 days later. Tomorrow we lay him to rest, and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through the day. To make matters worse, my sister in law is being taken in to hospital to have an emergency c section for her 2nd baby due to pre eclampsia....on the very day my wee boy will be buried. to say I'm sad is an understatement x


  • Bless you. I think its very hard for people to reply to sad announcments on here ,as we all are fearful of things going wrong. Nothing that we say can really comfort you at this time, its very sad and unfair that life can be so cruel sometimes. I really hope that when you are over this sad time and you have the courage to maybe one day try again, i hope that your hurt will get better when that special day comes that you are blessed with the child you deserve. Wish you all the best and hope you can stay strong for that precious little boy that you will never forget. xxx

  • Thanks bambinobump, just wanted to say outloud (well on here anyway), how I'm feeling as I don't want to upset my husband....he's feeling confused already with his nephew being born tomorrow on the same day as his wee boy is unfair. I'm not angry or feel resentment towards my SIL, just sad for my husband and I.

    We will be trying again just as soon we can, but just got to get through tomorrow and keep a positive frame of mind - its the only way I know how, and hopefully I'll have that bfp before we know it.

    Really appreciate the message, its nice to have the support on here when I'm not able to say outloud whether I'm thinking x
  • Thinking of you today. It is a day no parent should ever face. I buried my second little boy in April, of you ever want to talk about anything then please message me or post on here. wishing you lots of strength to get through today. Xxx
  • thank you moominmummy - it was a hard day but we got through it with the support of our friends and family, and it made us realise that whilst things are pretty rubbish right now, we're lucky people to have what we have - and Dexter was a very much loved wee man, even though they never had the chance to meet him.


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